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  1. I'd rather spend money on drugs than a bunch of upgrades that do absolutely nothing for you... still, the base DAC is a great deal I would think.
  2. Thanks. Leeav is looking as stylish as ever. Who is the mustache/long hair guy in between NeilPeart and Iron_Dreamer? He looks happy.
  3. Ditto... by the way guys... is Ori in any of the Saratoga meet pictures? I wanna see what he looks like.
  4. It is similar in that you either understand it or you don't, but that is where the similarity ends. To really understand the る you must feel the る.
  5. Oh god, PLEASE post this in that damn Zhaolu fanboy thread.
  6. I've only heard them at meets and I loved them.
  7. Oops, my bad... saw the link at the bottom and thought it was today. \
  8. good to know... I'll avoid that tactic in the future.
  9. Happy Birthday man! 21 too, have fun getting wasted.
  10. Can't use it at all or just to invite people... I invited my people through PM oh head-fi. Oops.
  11. I nominate aerius! He gets banned every other week anyways.
  12. Just thought about something... what about uscgoose and some of the other guys who used to really like to 'take it outside'? Also, I'd like to invite Scrypt and wallijonn, but I don't have a convenient way of contacting them... anyone here know them better?
  13. In that case, I think Iron Dreamer should contact Ken... he seems to know his shit.
  14. That is very interesting... you should post that rumour in Ori's 'Zhaolu kills all' thread and see what he has to say about it.
  15. Hey KenW, nice to see you here. PS. I've now invited the people on my list.
  16. Well, whatever is going on with balanced outputs, it is gooooood. Listening right now with my K340's and loving it. EDIT: PsychoZX, thanks for backing me up there... maybe we will get an answer out of him now!
  17. I'd love to have a beer with Scrypt... not to mention wallijonn.
  18. Ummm, yeah, I give oral sex to my Wife... you?
  19. I've been trying to get an answer out of Dan Lavry about the balanced outputs on the DA10. http://www.lavryengineering.com/lavry_forum/viewtopic.php?t=62 Would him answering this question give away anything? I'm confused as to why he refuses to answer it.
  20. Either way... giving is fun too.
  21. Southern Ontario represent! RedLeader Rhydon Skipinder Asmo HiWire NotoriousBIG_PJ omendelovitz roy_jones Now, do I need to invite them myself or does someone else do all the hard work?
  22. you getting a new one or did that turn you off the lavry?
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