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  1. Hirsch - Did you try the Headroom Balanced Max with the new modules? I liked it over the SDS-XLR with my K340's.
  2. He wasn't a head-fi'er. I also talked to Mikhail about this... completely nuts if you ask me. And coming from me... well... that's a lot!
  3. Sounds like a plan buddy... can't wait to hear those modded HF-1's as well.
  4. "We will have the Max version at the National HeadFi meet." Giggidy-giggidy-giggidy.
  5. Ok, I'll bite... what are the other reasons?
  6. I've got more books than I ever really use... though they are fun to look at when I want to geek out every once and a while. Just picked up the Serenity Roleplaying game... kinda neat as there are stats for all the people from the show/movie. As for WoD, that is mostly what I play... A friend of mine has all the books in the new system [and the old one] and we do some pretty epic games, lots of fun.
  7. When Joss leads, I follow. I seriously hope this is a joke. \
  8. Roleplaying... I'm a huge D&D and WoD geek.
  9. We should hook my Polk Audio RTi4's up to a nice speaker amp some time and see how they match up Eaphan.
  10. That is an awesome warning sticker! Why is it 'absolutely perfect'?
  11. Well, if you don't like the K81DJ I might know someone who would buy them off of you.
  12. Congrats! Not sure who Pfizer is, but from the response it is a good company to work for?
  13. Not that I would want you to shell out more money than you already have, but we really need a 181 vs 81 comparison. It is quite possible that the 81 doesn't have some of the same issues. We know from the pictures that it is smaller and doesn't have those lame switches... but I don't think anyone has heard them both.
  14. Yeah, the K271S are portable as long as you can pull off the look. Problem is that you need a portable DAC, amp and cable upgrade for them to come into their own... and even I don't want to carry around all that crap every day. Sorry to hear about your experience with the K181DJ. I think I'll be waiting to hear the K81DJ before I buy them now.
  15. Wait until Ed gets his tablet [or whatever he is talking about] back... you might as well give him the cables in advance anyways. Unless blessingx steps up to the plate.
  16. Hmmm... don't listen to the radio enough to be irritated. I hate all that macarena type stuff though. Nails down a chalkboard.
  17. If Tori Amos is a guilty pleasure... I am... most guilty.
  18. Ben - Yeah, there is some info in the K181/K81 thread on head-fi... they are a fair bit bigger. It's those geeky switches that kill me though. ojnihs - How do the K81DJ's sound compared to the K271S. Do you find they need amplification?
  19. Just saw some better pictures and man, are the K181DJ's ever dorky looking. I am now considering the K81DJ instead. I think that given the size and price of the K181DJ you are better off getting the K271S or K171S. The K81DJ is around twice the size of the K26P supposedly... which is just about right for me. I think I might actually sell off the Shures. I like them well enough, but am missing full sized headphones on the go.
  20. I've been considering selling my Shure E4's and getting them... how do they isolate? I used to use the K271 Studio's portably and they offered just the right amount of isolation.
  21. It's back up folks.
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