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  1. philodox

    My HF1 Mods

    Awesome... I'm sure it will sound even better than it did when I owned it. I can't wait to hear your impressions. It's going to eat your PPA alive.
  2. philodox

    My HF1 Mods

    I know how that is... I seem to remember some bartering and coaxing over my new K340's. PS. Any word from Lin on Smokey yet?
  3. Wow, very cool. I've got to meet Larry one day and have a beer with him. Definatley my favourite 'member of the trade'...
  4. I may have to sell the E5 to finance the Lavry unfortunately...
  5. I'm picking mine up locally... just as soon as I can raise the funds.
  6. Ummm... I don't want the mini dac, but impressions on the Lavry would be awesome!
  7. LOL... I hope this is a joke. If not, microsofts antispyware works pretty well and adaware is a good backup app. For a free virus scanner AntiVir works really well. You might want to download CWShredder and run it as well as Hijackthis to get rid of the BHOs. Or if you have some time on your hands, reinstall windows and get MS antispyware and AntiVir on there from the getgo. Give your sister a basic acount and tell her to come to you before installing anything that needs admin privileges.
  8. Yeah, I was talking to Kevin and it is probably due to the fact that the sockets for the 6C33's are raised to allow for better airflow.
  9. Nah, there were other reasons... can't find the PM though.
  10. That was the plan originally, but Kevin advised me against it.
  11. philodox

    My HF1 Mods

    Trust me, I know how those mods can add up. I won't go into any detail on how much mine cost, but let's just say it is a very special number to Larry.
  12. philodox

    My HF1 Mods

    Why spend so much to change a headphone from stock? That is just silly!
  13. Well it was intended to drive my K340's, so maybe that explains the output impedance a bit... as for the rest. Doesn't surprise me after what I've been hearing. Nope, but it was an EE. Don't worry about beating me up for this... I deserve it. If it is any consolation though, it looks like I will be building the bamaslama now.
  14. Well you could always get a KG Bamaslama built with that tube. I'm wondering how Craig got around the problems with it though... apparently it eats through tube sockets like nobodys business. I guess he found a nice socket for it.
  15. philodox


    Ummm, I'm listening to Shoot the Moon [Norah Jones] on my HF-1's. Does that count? Ok, I lied... I'm listening on those other headphones.
  16. Well, it was sort of hush-hush there for a while as the 'designer' wanted to keep the intellectual property or whatever... anyways, after reading through my basic tube design book the main circuit is pretty basic [nothing innovative]. The only thing that was unique was the CCS... and the about all we could get that thing to do was burn silicone. Here is a schematic of the amp with an 820 ohm resistor in place of the CCS. This schematic shows basically where I am now after a lot of troubleshooting... the original amp was significantly different. The power supply is fairly simple... we were planning on improving on it if the amp ever gave us reason. You can disregard the voltage readings that I've marked down on it. I don't want to completely derail this thread and will probably start up a new one here with more info soon to see if anyone has any suggestions, but the long and short of it is that the amp has basically no bass and as such sounds very weird. Probably lacking in current and possibly lacking in voltage swing. As I said, I really wish I had just built the bamaslama.
  17. Yeah man, I totally agree... pshhh, cables. What Ever!
  18. That is what I was afraid you were going to say.
  19. Nice looking AKG's! I've been wanting to hear the 'parabolics' for a while.
  20. Yeah, it sucks... but it has been a learning experience. And who knows, I might even get it working at some point. One of the main things I've learned is trust your gut. I've never had a problem with KG designs and have the utmost respect for his work. I should have just gone with my gut reaction an built the Bamaslama. The fact that I allowed myself to be convinced into another [untried] design based on some fancy talking was a mistake. But hey, at least I'm not afraid of my soldering iron now!
  21. I'd be interested in mikhails take on using the 6H30 in an amp. I've had very little luck so far myself, but I am almost at the point where I am going to scrap the design and start over. I really wish I would have just gone with the KG Bamaslama design as I had originally intended. I am considering going that route now and maybe trying to use the 6H30 in both positions [since I have a matched quad of them], but I'd need someones help picking out the resistor values. This tube amp design is hard work... gives me a lot of respect for those that can do it right.
  22. Wait a sec... isn't the Blue Hawaii based on the SRM T-2? EDIT - Looks like the Doctor beat me to it.
  23. philodox

    akg 701

    Nope, I haven't heard them either.
  24. My guess is that it is either a big vacuum tube or a bong he is making. Or maybe he is making a bong out of a big vacuum tube?
  25. philodox

    akg 701

    Can't wait to hear grandenigma's old set once xand1x gets his hands on them. We need to get a balanced amp so that we can compare them to my K340's as they were 'meant to be heard'.
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