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  1. hehe... I always find it funny when I talk to someone in PM and find out their name actually is Phil... cant help but think they are making fun of me. Yeah, well... I don't want ART finding his way here. That is for damn sure.
  2. Just correcting myself here. The theory is from Steve Nugent at Empiracle audio and the optimum length is actually 1.5 meters. There is a review in the most recent issue of UHF where they listen to two cables, each at 1m and 1.5m... they alll liked the 1.5m ones better.
  3. Glad to see you here buddy... this place is shaping up nice. At some point I'll have to have a look at the members list and see who is missing in order to recommend some more invites. Maybe we should start up a list of people who can't be invited too? There are a few people that I really don't want finding this place.
  4. Scrypt wrote a book and Tubes is Shaqs cousin...
  5. What do those Volex's look like? Anyone compared them to higher priced PC's? Are they better for source/dac or amp or both?
  6. Email Larry and ask how hard it would be for you to open them up yourself and have a look. He may be able to assist and you might be able to fix these headphones for free.
  7. Thats true, I suppose we have some young'uns here... or maybe even a few old guys with prudish wives?
  8. Ok, put the amp down and run. It is a ticking time bomb. Where are you by the way? I just want to... er... notify the authoritys of the danger.
  9. Hey Kevin, just to confirm are you saying I was correct or Iron Dreamer? Do I still need a resistor from signal to ground at the amp end and if so, what value? Thanks, Jason
  10. Anyone who didn't vote oral sex is lying.
  11. Welcome aboard... watch out for the pink grados... they're everywhere.
  12. Damn straight... can't wait to see how it progresses as it burns in.
  13. Thanks G, I'll have a look.
  14. Oval, open front... most of them are that way in my experience and thats the way I like it.
  15. Thanks Eaphan... so if that is true, am I correct in assuming that if I used 75ohm cable to make my cables that connect from the Lavry Black DA10 to my amp I would not need a resistor at all? 75 + 0 = 75 Prosinked by default? I'm going to be buying some 75ohm cable already to make my digital cable, so if this is true I could get it all at once. PS. Anyone know of a good BNC connector and a good BNC socket and where to buy it?
  16. Guest wrote: Hi Dan, could you tell me what the output impedance of the DA10's XLR output is (I only need to know the value considering one output pin, for unbalanced operation)? I love my DA10, thanks a bunch! ---------- Regarding the output resistance for the XLR's: There is 75Ohms in series to each XLR active pin. The circuit impedance is less then 1 Ohm, so why 75 Ohms in series? Long cables are capacitive load at "low frequencies" (into the many MHz). Active circuits driving long cables may oscillate at high frequencies. It is common practice to prevent such oscillations (which will be heard as distortions) by use of small series resistors. For XLR's the load is most often very high (such as 100K, 10K or similar) so the series resistors do not cause attenuation. There are a few cases, mostly unbalanced, where the load is as low as 600Ohms, and the series resistance will cause some signal attenuation (1dB at 600Ohms). At 10Kohms load, the loss is only about .12dB. The output voltage of the XLR is very high (24dBu) so a 75Ohms is a good value - plenty of margin for stability (no oscillations) and not much loss. Regarding the output resistance for the headphone: With headphones, the parameters are different. The current for some headphones is very high, the load is not always capacitive... so one needs a strong driver with very low series resistance. The series impedance is 0.69 Ohms so that a 600 Ohm load will cause only 0.07dB loss. Regards Dan Lavry ---------- philodox - Ok, WTF? Does he actually state the output impedance anywhere here?
  17. Cool... any way I can check to see if mine has been updated or was part of the second production run?
  18. lol @ assclown You'll have to come down some time to hear all my new shit... Rob is coming this weekend and Renato next weekend. You better book your time quick!
  19. Thanks for the help guys, I've made my choice... Oh yeah, I've got my green dress on, I'm dancing... wait, whats that in my hands??? PS. What serial number do you guys have? Mine is 51428.
  20. Damn, I'm sure those are going to be great amps Craig... too rich for my blood though.
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