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  1. Well, I'm not having much luck selling my Eastsound... probably because the Doctor is selling one with minor problems for $100 less. Bastard. So anyways, I might be able to do some transport tests. Though I will be getting the Lavry instead of the CEC. [might be getting it today at lunch!!!]
  2. Thanks buddy... I've since been warned. And yeah, my BS alarm rang off too.
  3. There have been some studies that seem to say that 1 meter is the ideal length for a coaxial spdif digital cable... though I'm not sure of the science behind it. Generally I would assume that for analog cables shorter is better as long as there is a constant impedence down the length of the cable.
  4. Yeah, those are the same cheap sockets though as far as I can tell? Any comments from KG or Craig?
  5. Interesting... that could be part of the reason that recables make such a big difference. I measured the impedance on my K340's [recabled with Headphile BlackGold] and they measure at 337 ohms. Stock they are supposed to be 400 ohms, though I didn't measure them before the recable.
  6. Does this technique work with a balanced cable? What do you do differently?
  7. If Billy posts his balls, I'm outta here.
  8. LOL, yeah I thought Crash was going to be a remake of that movie when I saw it.
  9. I use the ETKG Spirit Level Stand, aka the E&T Spider Rack. Looks cool, works great, not sure if it makes a difference... but for $100 who can complain.
  10. Good points... I also have little reason to trust Ori's opinion after this paper weight of an amp he designed for me. Any other options out there though? Just making sure I've covered all my bases before making a $1000 purchase.
  11. Hi all, I posted this on head-fi as well, but figured the folks here might have some input as well since there seems to be quite a few DAC users... Well, I am still strongly considering the Lavry Black as it seems to be a perfect solution for my needs. I will be using a Slimdevices Squeezebox to feed it and initially will drive my HF-1's from the headphone output and my balanced K340's from the XLR outputs. Now, the QC issues that are being discussed on the Lavry forums combined with Ori's recent review that seem to be giving the nodd towards the Zhaolu have me concerned. What I'm wondering, is there any similar DAC's out there that I may want to consider? Things that I need: - True balanced output. No generating inverse phase after the output stage. - Decent built in headphone amp for low impedance headphones. - SPDIF input [coaxial] Things that would be nice: - Discrete amplification [This almost made it to the need category] - No opamps or caps in the signal path [Ditto] - Great built in headphone amp for low impedance headphones. - USB input - Volume control My budget is $1000, though if it cost less that would be great. To give you an idea of the sound I like, I love the Eastsound, wasn't too impressed with the DAC1, and am absolutely crazy about the top end Wadia gear. Thanks in advance, Jason
  12. I don't know... Crash was pretty good. But there was better.
  13. Well, since we're sharing... want to see some pics of my amp that is still not working? I'm going to be dismantling it soon after trying a couple other tweaks on it and preparing for the bamaslama build. As you can see, my caps are of the same type as aerius', though possibly a different brand.
  14. They exist, but they are very rare... I think he told me he has 3 of them.
  15. *cough* 'Somebody' just checking in.
  16. LOL! I'm sort of glad that I no longer have ANY link with that particular Doctor. I am sad to see the Eastsound go... but now I am free of that sucker.
  17. Wait, your amp is balanced now?!?! Bring it over biatch! I'm getting the Lavry with Renato on Thursday!!!
  18. I should just post the PM you sent me Iron Dreamer... that was a great description. Sorry I haven't wrote you back yet. I want to give it some thought.
  19. Can't wait to hear my K340's balanced... as far as I know, nobody has.
  20. Everything must go! [except my headphones]
  21. philodox

    My HF1 Mods

    Its the "Smokin' Dynahi" that larry has had listed in his signature for a while. Used to be mine. During shipping the transformer shifted and shorted when he powered it up. SFT has built a new PSU for him.
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