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  1. This is a little outside the "normal" world of audiphilia, but I have a pretty vexing problem. The right side transport of my Pioneer CMX-3000 is acting up. It can't read most CDs, regular or CDR. I am afraid the drive is failing and I'll have to ship it back to Pioneer. Before I go that route, I'd like to try cleaning it. I haven't owned a CD cleaner in more than a decade. From what I recall, they're not all created equal. Any suggestions on what brand name cleaning discs I should look for? I'm additionally worried in that the last disk I used (ca. 1994) was an audio CD with a brush on it
  2. Man, that attached jpeg has a pretty horrible glitch in it.
  3. Now you need to replace the stock 1200 cables. It's a pretty easy task, as 1200 repairs go. I did it on two of mine (M3D and MK II) and I've got one more to do. </lazy>
  4. Peace Cereal Ginger Hemp Granola (USDA Organic certified). It's very good, but I fear if I eat too much of it, I'll begin talking like Van Driessen from Beavis & Butthead.
  5. Yeeouch. I think a small fracture like that will heal okay, but you might put your por hockey career on the back burner for it. Also, no visiting senile old aunties who like to pinch your cheek. ... Damn postjack with the quickness.
  6. Oh, man. That is complete win. Benny Lava concurs:
  7. Damn, dude. The jokes about your luck being bad are officially no longer funny. It's quite clear you're cursed by an angry and vengeful deity. That said...
  8. Thanks, Bueller. I found a 2M pair of Kimber Tonik's I'd forgotten about. They sound fine (possibly better than PBJs) but ave the patented Kimber fragility. They're certainly do for the moment.
  9. Nachos made with organic pepper jack and cut up Portuguese hot peppers.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIBZZjPFF4E
  11. Now this is some DIY. http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=8393403029360051976 From the article: What it does? Basically: * Navigate around, collect some data, avoid obstacles, until it * Finds something "worth playing on" (a single isolated object or a wide flat surface that it can find an angle onto) * Snakes into place * Plays some beats on what it have found, and samples this, checking it has a "good sound" * Based on data collected in the area, and sample just made, then compose a little rhythm, and plays this along with the sample
  12. That video is hugely popuar. The guy who made it hasn't done too many others, but there is this one: The video quality isn't as good, but the cats are quite talkative ...and somebody is snoring.
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36w-CyqCO1A
  14. LAME 3.97+ at the V0 VBR preset sounds good to me ...for lossy compression. I don't spent much time critically comparing different mp3 encoders, however. For anything serious I use FLAC.
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