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  1. I spend more time thinking about camera equipment than headphone so... First, I agree with both Smeggy and KG. A fast prime that gives you close to the 50mm equivalent focal length will do you well. The EF 35mm F/2 is an excellent choice. It's cheap, light, tack sharp wide open (especially on an APS-C sensor) and it has a very close minimum focus distance. It's wide aperture will allow you to do available light shots not possible with zoom lenses. As a bonus, it works on film bodies and full frame digital, were you to go that route in the future. Downsides are a noisy focus motor, and no fu
  2. I'm not exactly a psytrance fan, but that was quite cool. What lies beneath, in 8 bits: Hosted on my own site, because no image host (short of Flickr) will retain the original resolution.
  3. That is sick and wrong on so many levels, and I, uh, kind of want one. Funk it.
  4. Aww. Too bad I'm not closer to Chicago, or I'd offer to spin. Of course, not knowing the clientele at Billy's establishment, I suspect they'd be put to sleep by the downtempo and trip hop I normally spin, and visibly upset if I played dubstep.... I second this suggestion. I dunno what Billy has against Sony products (besides the obvious) but I can say with complete certainty that the 7506/V6s are very un-Sonylike in their quality and durability. The V6s are $30-ish cheaper and identical to the 7506, but have a 1/4" plug on the end (so you can't lose the screw-on adapter.) In either c
  5. http://farm1.static.flickr.com/108/256974362_ae328c2da1.jpg[/img http://farm1.static.flickr.com/82/256981150_916d1d943e.jpg[/img http://farm1.static.flickr.com/102/262033922_6613a74720.jpg[/img Off to Martha's Vineyard to work for a week. You all will have to be slow without me.
  6. Monster Cable Sends Cease and Desist Letter to Small Cable Maker for Patent Infringement. President (who used to be a lawyer) Writes a Response Refusing to Stop Making Cables and Makes Letter Public. Kurt's letter is printed below: RE: Your letter, received April Fools' Day Dear Monster Lawyers, Let me begin by stating, without equivocation, that I have no interest whatsoever in infringing upon any intellectual property belonging to Monster Cable. Indeed, the less my customers think my products resemble Monster's, in form or in function, the better. I am evaluating y
  7. MySpaceTV Videos: Bad Mr. Kitty by David
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1ilX-D_fLI
  9. [url= http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_2809392.html]
  10. Are you sure that's Big Black, Dusty? Or do you mean some band besides Alibini's?
  11. It reminds me of something Terry Gilliam might put in Brazil or Twelve Monkeys, though he'd probably have more greebles on it.
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