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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36w-CyqCO1A
  2. LAME 3.97+ at the V0 VBR preset sounds good to me ...for lossy compression. I don't spent much time critically comparing different mp3 encoders, however. For anything serious I use FLAC.
  3. It doesn't bother me, because I hardly use Head-Fi. Two years ago, I was still viewing Head-Fi at 1024x768. It was difficult to navigate at that resolution. I went to 1280x1024 shortly thereafter, and it became much more usable (the layout at least, the content continued to decline.) I went dual head a while back, which is handy for putting two web pages opposite each other for quick comparisons. None of this has improved the signal-to-noise ratio on HF. Lastly, the Great Crash of 2007 fucked up all Head-Fi bookmarks, and I swear the search function still haven't recovered. Anyone seen
  4. Final message from Arthur C. Clarke, on his 90th of birthday. His voice can be a bit grating, but his words are powerful.
  5. There's a new exclusive video on the Portishead website. You have make an account with your email address, but in my experience, the P do not spam. The new track is "Machine Gun" and it's pretty clear how they came up with the name. It's pretty abrasive stuff. Those expecting Dummy-era sedate trip hop will be in for a surprise.
  6. Do you hyphenate "anal retentive"?
  7. I don't know much (anything) about the MDR-F1, but whenever possible, I replace Sony pads with Beyers. B&C carries a few.
  8. I need a pair of standard RCAs, 2M length. I prefer copper vs. silver. I want something shielded and with decent strain relief. This is to go between my source (Adcom) and amp (Gilmore Lite), it is arguably the most important single connection in the house. I have used Kimber products extensively in the past, and I've been very happy with then. Unfortunately, they completely lack strain relief and are rather fragile. I'd like to keep my budget under $100. Suggestions?
  9. I had a pair in 5th or 6th grade. The noise the made when I walked was cool ...at first. It got rather annoying after a while. 0_o
  10. Organic black bean soup and santa fe style rice, spiced into next week with cayenne pepper.
  11. A 4 pack of angle brackets to reinforce the shelf on my computer desk, to help offset the weight of my APC UPS, which now resides on it.
  12. Cold pizza from last night: black olivers, jalapeno peppers, red peppers, tomatoes, onions and garlic. Who wants to smell my breath?
  13. A slightly used pair of Grado SR-125s. I'm not normally much of a Grado fan, but I was helping out a friend of mine who needed money for a road trip. Supposedly, Grados mesh well with the GLite. I won't be able to confirm this for myself until I've rebuilt my rig.
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