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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIQz6YcFgQ4
  2. 2x Koss KSC-75 (on sale @ Rat Shack) iPod video dock /w S-video output (ditto)
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbWQYG-lDJo The best is Oliva Munn from G4 getting downright pummeled by it.
  4. WHOA. That's amazing. "You're one ugly..." "Motherfucker!"
  5. I am going to cheerfully spend the rest of the day attempting to un-see that.
  6. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=4a2_1201866388
  7. The sub would make a nice matching coffee table. Better not leave your cellphone on it, though.
  8. My P125 is 60WPC. It has two gain pots in the back, and I keep them ...quite low (I'm not going to try to estimate a clock position.) It's got nice fat heat sinks on either side of it, and it still gets quite warm to the touch. In spite of that, I keep the GLite/DPS and TR2 perched on top of it. I really do need to take a picture of my rig one of these days.
  9. What Hafler do you have, Smeggy? I use a P125 to power by TakeT TR2/H2 rig. The best $50 I ever spent on an amp.
  10. Just so we're clear, the pedestrian in the accident depicted in the .gif I posted survived. He was amazingly lucky, protected by a dent in the side of the Subaru caused by the first impact. See the full story at Snopes.
  11. This is a trade-off. Cayenne gives faster attacks, and much longer decays. Things come at you so quickly, you won't notice the noise floor ...until the next day.
  12. That potato video was strangely hypnotic. Anthony Hopkins will figure you out. He'll build an exact replica of your speaker rig. Except the "custom finish" will be human skin.
  13. Civilization 4 for my housemate (birthday present), Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance (for me) ...and a cord of firewood.
  14. WHOA. I hate to say it, but the American one is the least cool of the three. That exhaust note was pretty serious, however. Germans are fuckin' NUTS. Iraqis are very resourceful.
  15. At the risk of repeating myself, I must once again state that the TakeTs makes my otherwise-competent dynamics seem sleepy and boring my comparison. I'm currently listening to "Mother Tongue" off Jairamji's Kindred Spirits album. It's an ethnic downtempo piece with strong dub elements and a very powerful vocal lead. It's also nearly 12 minutes long. I started listening with studio monitors (EV Sentry 100As) which are fairly bright and very assertive. The cans I had at the ready were my DT-880s, which I'd been using earlier for gaming. Man, have I never been so underwhelmed by them. The highs
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