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  1. [url= http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_2809392.html]
  2. Are you sure that's Big Black, Dusty? Or do you mean some band besides Alibini's?
  3. It reminds me of something Terry Gilliam might put in Brazil or Twelve Monkeys, though he'd probably have more greebles on it.
  4. That reminds me, Ad-Rock singing through the vocoder says "Intergalactic / Planetary" and "Another dimension." When the song came out, a friend of mine swore the second bit was "I have an erection."
  5. So are we to understand that the injuries you sustained recently are the result of fighting zombies, and the bicycle accident is a cover story?
  6. Your album chart reminds me of a cricket bat.
  7. I liked him better before he so thoroughly raped my childhood.
  8. For intermediary steps, go here.
  9. boomana was in 1st grade in 2500BC? Damn, she's older than I thought! (I'm surely gonna get banned for that one)
  10. I had the same thought, but Duggeh didn't seem like the lysergic type to me.
  11. http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2079/2378774448_61e5c6486d_o.gif
  12. No, I said that about all threads. Topics are a vague idea at best around here.
  13. From what I have read on the Pioneer boards, using cleaner CDs in CDJ units is a bad idea. I'm afraid my next step it to contact pioneer and send the unit to them for repair.
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