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  1. Yeah, I have used the button head screws before, and may just do that with no inset. I was going to place the transformer in the vicinity of a chassis foot, so trying to think of ways that would allow me to place both where I wanted without worrying about interference. I had also thought of raising the transformer up 5mm or so off the case floor, but coming up with something to do that with had me stumped a bit. The transformer is about 4" in diameter. It is a 2U case so I have plenty of clearance height-wise.
  2. I have the panel(s), just using FPD to layout placement of shit. Slimline case for my Salas phono stage.
  3. Thanks Birgir and Marc. My main concern was countersinking something that large in a 3mm thick panel. You guys think that would hold alright? I guess if I have to, I could use a pan head and a washer if necessary. Just trying not to have anything hanging down.
  4. Transformer is an AS-0532, weight 2 lbs. Maybe an M6? Playing around in Front Panel Designer right now and it will let me countersink a hole for 3mm panel past an M8. I guess it would hold OK if not abused too much?
  5. Transformer mounting: for an Antek 50VA, for mounting to a 3mm aluminum bottom panel, I would like to countersink the mounting bolt. Not sure what size of bolt Antek uses, but Avel Lindberg uses M5 bolts. Could I get away with countersinking an M5 in 3mm aluminum? Or would an M4 be big enough for the transformer (I'm thinking yes, but wanted my daftness evaluated before I do any drilling).
  6. I see Jeff provided the proper HC advice? If you have some scrap 1/4" aluminum, I'd try it with the Dremel. Aluminum is pretty soft, so it might work acceptably? You may go thru some blades, so some spare(s) would be a good idea.
  7. Happy belated Birthday Grahame!
  8. 2sc5200 and 2SA1943 are another alternative.
  9. Those cases look really nice, but if you say they are expensive for someone living in Germany, I guess us US or other based folk might find them very pricey!
  10. Would there be any problems with using BC556B parts with BC546C? Both On-Semi? I'd be buying 100 of each. Vendor doesn't have the 546B parts in stock (on-semi).
  11. RIP Sidney Poitier https://www.cnn.com/2022/01/07/entertainment/sidney-poitier-death/index.html
  12. Sorry for your loss Todd... sounds like he was a neat friend.
  13. I believe you can use 2SA1943/2SC5200 in place of these, or their Fairchild # equivalents. Slightly less power handling.
  14. Yes, arrow is reliable. And they take private individuals as customers. Since they have multiple warehouses around the US, if you order much, you will get multiple shipments, in big boxes (for the items being ordered/shipped). Kind of irritating, but they are reliable.
  15. 12/12 would only give you 12 * 1.414 = 16.96 - 1.4 = 15.56, so probably good for +/- 15V GRLV, depending upon how much overhead you need for a GRLV, and I would probably use 15/15 for that.
  16. Take a look at amb's site for the o22. Dual secondary 35/35 = 70V CT. https://www.amb.org/audio/sigma22/ 18/18 would be 36VCT.
  17. 12V is too low for a 20V output. I'd use dual 18/18. 12V would give you 12 * 1.414 = 16.96 - 1.4 = 15.56V. I don't think the math is any different for a center tap / single bridge application, but I could be wrong. In answer to your question, #1 is correct. You can use a dual secondary transformer configured as a CT.
  18. Happy Birthday Ken!!!
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