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  1. A new cassette sounded like a good reason to do the bottle thing with the chain. Prolly should have done it sooner then 800 miles.
  2. The U.S. Vs Russia game at the World Championship was a major let down.
  3. http://www.amgentourofcalifornia.com/watch
  4. Nothing like getting caught in the rain after hammering for an hour when it's 85° out.
  5. Yeah, just one day without 15 - 20 winds would be nice.
  6. Yup. Glendening goes for repairs and they fell apart. http://www.mlive.com/redwings/index.ssf/2015/04/red_wings_unraveled_when_luke.html
  7. Reality hits the Wings square in the face in game 2.
  8. No suspension for Suban = FAIL. If I'm the coach I have Mark Stone's name in big red letters on the whiteboard in the dressing room but slashing him above his gloves was weak. Typical Suban. The Predators need to stay out of the box. Islanders!!!! I hate to say it but Bolts in 5. Maybe less if Bishop stands on his head (which I semi expect him to do). http://www.mlive.com/redwings/index.ssf/2015/04/red_wings-lightning_matchups_t_1.html Will be fun watching the Pens get..... Edit: Apperantly I need to learn to speel better
  9. Cool, Would love to hear how the zipper holds up after a bunch of wash cycles. CygoLite Hotshot SLs run for about $25 on eBay now-a-days. Is there a good reason not to snag one? www.ebay.com/itm/301447636890
  10. Just on the off chance that a budget priced, Canari, fill zip, size "L" (that runs big) jersey might be an arm twister for somebody. http://www.ebay.com/itm/271833021760
  11. LMAO. From the Kalamazoo River Valley Trail Facebook page:
  12. Cut the plug off. If there are 4 wires a new plug is all that is required. You will have to rewire the phones If there are only 3 wires.
  13. Check Craiglist. You never know what it will spit out. http://kalamazoo.craigslist.org/grd/4934952690.html That one would be a real arm twister if it had a mower deck.
  14. Poor shed X 2 I just popped it out last year so no suprise. Is there a decent free cad app I can use to draw up plans for the new "frame"?
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0ll9yklhys That thing rocks it pretty good conssidering it's "just" an X300.
  16. My sister broke one of the chairs the other day. Karma payback for telling her she needs to go to the gym more often? Anyhow, epoxy or just regular type wood glue? Should be enough wood left for pegs or bisquits....
  17. The first pic is pretty awsome to.
  18. Google spit out a similar thread on some random forum in which the OP had posted the following link. https://app.box.com/s/f252a1b55696222f6a6e Is that the section you're referring to? Apprently there are two versions of the movie and each has a different sound track there. The edited for TV version has rich girl from hall and oates but I don't think anyone could not know that song so....
  19. Good luck with that. They closed two of the major highways in the area and all that traffic being routed onto the scondary roads turned the evening commute into a bumper to bumper fiasco....
  20. Snow. sleet, freezing rain and rain has made big frggin mess.
  21. There aint no fixin that! Happy birthday.
  22. Linus dumped 13.8 inches of new snow on us. Now the really not fun part begins. 8° with wind gusts in the low 30's ....
  23. Have a Goodwill store nearby? If not here's the link to the the Goodwill auction site http://www.shopgoodwill.com/search/searchKey.asp?itemTitle=turn+table&minPrice=&maxPrice=&closed=&month=&day=&year=&days=0&catID=0&sellerID=all&srchdesc=&showthumbs=on&sortBy=itemCurrentPrice&sortOrder=d
  24. Advanced Sports, Inc = Fuji, Breezer, SE Bikes and Kestral.
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