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  1. Which means it's time to think about making pickles....
  2. An hour with the cultivator and it's begining to look a lot a garden again.
  3. The "exchange" with the cameraman while Sagan was changing bikes earned the team director a day off. Really? Was a nice shot with the watte bottle but seems excessive.
  4. Stumbled across these the other day and could not help myself. http://www.ebay.com/itm/161744203432 (Castelli Rosso Corsa short finger gloves) Took 4 days to arrive. The thumb holes are pretty ginormous but otherwise not bad for $11.
  5. 30K is awfully fast... Have any idea what wheel cleaner (if any) the orginal owner's used?? Wouldn't be the first time I have read about it eating brakes.
  6. Also had a Hill Street Blues moment....
  7. "Epassives" was the vendor. The part number (MKS4475J63-6) is for a 4.7uF, 5%, Wima, MKS4 series capacitor and those are easy to find.
  8. Price Point spam..... http://www.pricepoint.com/sale/where-price-is-the-point/glove-deals/ They also have helemts, tools and other stuff "on sale" but nothing jumped out at me. $12 + postage for the LG Biogel RX-V short finger gloves may be a tough to pass up. http://www.pricepoint.com/Brand/Louis-Garneau/Louis-Garneau-Biogel-RX-V-Short-Finger-Gloves.axd
  9. Impressive finish on stage 4. I felt for those guys sucking dirt in the pelaton..... What's up with those team Sky sag wagons? (they look like some sort of Jag SUV thing)
  10. RIP Chris Squire. Eddie Trunk's comments were spot on. https://www.facebook.com/EddieTrunk
  11. Watching it again did not help, I'm still undecided. "Ballers" was much better then expected though.
  12. The Feed is offering a free CamelBak podium bottle and 5 Skratch Labs singles for this year's TDF promo. https://thefeed.com/product/skratch-labscamelbak-hydration-kit/
  13. Hmmmm, think will have to watch that again.
  14. http://www.reconinstruments.com/products/jet/ http://www.bikerumor.com/2015/06/19/recon-jet-smart-sunglasses-adds-ant-power-meter-support-gets-acquired-by-intel/
  15. That's a lot of effort to make toast.
  16. http://www.volvolifepaint.com/ Very cool stuff but imagine when rednecks in the states get their hands on it? A Corvette monster truck with reflective flame paint job coming at you in the other lane at night would be....
  17. There are mounting kits available from Bourns and or Vishay trimmers. Here's an example for the Bourns 3005, 3006 series. http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/H-83P/H-83P-ND/388693
  18. Square tubes? http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00761FAM4 Gimic or? I could live without the sealant clogging up the valve but may be helpful if I ever have a leak that requires a patch....
  19. http://www.parts-express.com/nut-washer-for-potentiometers-m8-diameter-shaft-10-pcs--023-674
  20. The computer stole 5 miles from me! Should have know the chart in the manual was not accurate....
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