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  1. what i was suspecting, or other defeat codes
  2. was it the sheer size of it or what?
  3. could be a proxy if you're logging in from work unlikely though, as it probably would have just blocked the entire domain
  4. nothing here either maybe try disabling ad block scripts?
  5. I agree with this, I had a stock pair also, and although overall not my cup of tea, they were much better when cranked. Sounded a bit dull at lower listening volumes.
  6. the SR-003 uses a regular pro bias stax plug yeah? well you could go to a BHSE if your budget permits...
  7. My favourite place for Turkish cuisine is in Fairfield called Beytis. Al Sofra in Auburn comes a close second. They make awesome Adana and chicken shish kebabs. With a simple side salad of marinated tomato and onion and flat turkish bread. Bloody good!
  8. don't worry, i fight crocodiles with my bare hands kangaroos are a walk in the park for me
  9. Good to hear that you and Staxen are ok, Birgir. If you'd like a safe place to keep them Australia is geographically an ideal location. No faults that I know of, and basically smack in the centre of the tectonic plate.
  10. I believe if you declare it as being sent back for repairs it will also be exempt. At least in this part of the world it does.
  11. please show some respect he has accomplished far more than anyone of you have or ever will!
  12. I just ate at Thanh Binh for lunch in Cabramatta. Today I chose the sugar cane skewered prawn cocktails on vermicelli and salad. Sprinkled lightly with some fish sauce for dressing and jasmine tea to wash it down.
  13. Yeah, I'm a short black drinker. No sugar, no milk.
  14. I can't stand the Vietnamese coffee + condensed milk *shudders*
  15. that looks awesome, do you still wear them the right way around? it seems as if the drivers are no longer pointing towards the ears with this mod
  16. I love eating at Thanh Binh in Cabramatta. Although a little pricier than most other Vietnamese restaurants in the area the quality of food is consistent and portions are fairly large. One gripe, their Pho is very average, but I rarely see people there for Pho, there's many more dedicated Pho restaurants for that. There's a restaurant called Big Johns near the beaches, it's known for its gigantic serving portions. On a Friday/Saturday night the queue will be around the block. To be honest the food isn't even that great but it's quite a popular location as it's open until the wee hours of the morning. Here's a size comparison of their regular chicken caesar salad and an old Nokia 6610:
  17. to be honest i wouldn't ever wait that long for food. i'd book or go when it's less busy. thing with yum cha is it's supposed to be a fairly quick affair, you don't really sit around. once you're finished you vacate your table for someone else.
  18. I believe it's just for Sennheiser Europe. Also, I wouldn't add too much weight to it. Sennheiser in Australia recommend the Lehmann Black Cube Linear, I consider it no coincidence that the Australian distributors for Sennheiser and Lehmann are the same company. I don't know what it's like in other parts of the world.
  19. A brand spankin' new 100% genuine leather briefcase from the 1960s for $31 I guess you could say it's NOS even.
  20. One of my friends who is Chinese took me to Yum Cha yesterday at a restaurant in Rhodes. It's called the Pheonix restaurant. No photos as it was a bit of a spur of the moment thing. But we took the half hour drive up the motorway just so he could show me what all the fuss was all about. Well I can well and truly say that the trip was worth it. Between 2 people we spent just under $60 on all sorts of chicken feet, steamed buns, steamed dumplings, steamed rice rolls, sticky gluteneous chicken rice and miscellaneous gizzards and to finish it off we got custard egg tarts. oh and who could forget the chrysanthemum and jasmine tea! I was very pleased with the place, it's quite big and was packed and I could see why! Apparently on weekends the queue is so long and yet people will wait nearly an hour for a seat. Definitely want to go back there and see what their dinner menu is like... lobster anyone?
  21. Samsung i450 surprisingly responsive in menus and navigation, IME phones are getting slower, but this is a nice step up from my ageing Nokia 6131. not to mention the buttons are decently big to be of use ooh! and slide it one way, it's a phone, slide it the other way and it's an mp3 player. it also has a 3.5mm jack
  22. is that what you sold all your AKGs for?!
  23. HAHA that's such an awesome name. Viets around here aren't westernised enough yet to think of clever english pins. B
  24. Not a local place but the most memorable fish and chips I had (possibly the best) was in Western Australia, in Fremantle. Boy, Freo (as it is affectionately known to locals) is a great place as far as seafood and beer goes. Cicerellos have been making fish and chips for over 100 years and it shows. Just down the road from Cicerellos is the Little Creatures Brewery. Their Original Amber Ale is one of my favourite bottled beers and is even better from the tap. The beer is brewed and bottled there and there is also a bar and restaurant area the atmosphere is very dance club like, and when we were there it was packed and it was a weekday! The result of money well spent at the Little Creatures Brewery
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