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  1. just read this thread and the one at head-fi - epic! although it is clear that jena labs botched a pair of R10s i too wonder why they would try and cover it up like that their reply on this matter would be interesting to read
  2. so back to the ebony penis extension... how's that thing cope under weight? it looks solid but somehow i could imagine it snapping if all 4 propellers weren't weighed down by headphones
  3. I just realised Not Safe For Work still hasn't been fully explained. Let me try: Basically if you work in an office, your internet is shared and that means your employer can check what you're looking at. They are also well within their rights to sack you if you are looking at inappropriate material. NSFW is a designation put before linking to other websites or emails or other content on the internet that if downloaded/viewed may cause you to lose your job or at least place heavy doubt on whether your internet use should be suspended. Basically it's a heads up that you should probably save the link and check it once you're home.
  4. already said, but not safe for work! no, not at all. see below. too right!
  5. some of those cans look NSFW
  6. Quick inform steve that his work is being copied. I'm sure someone was trying to sell me ebony penis extensions in teh emailz!
  7. what was it meant to be used for originally?
  8. He must be the same guy that writes the articles about cables: http://www.bluejeanscable.com/articles/index.htm except this effort is exceptionally wordy, but equally clear and well thought out. I know nothing about law but he does seem to have a good argument
  9. you don't own any virtual dynamics power cables do you?
  10. wow, that's hideous i don't think even skullcandy have as bad colour schemes =\
  11. everyone @ h43d-f1 is hanging on for the K702 that is apparently coming
  12. o rly, sometimes there's overlap but generally business costs more because you're paying for service and "stability" as opposed to cutting edge features like fairy dust. I think you're right there, dual cores are still counted as one CPU. so Home is ok, 2 physically separate CPU packages is not supported.
  13. dc

    The Menace

    goodness... and that's just the PSU!
  14. yes, business/enterprise customers are a whole different story but you're also paying more for lesser hardware, so it's to be expected
  15. possibly, but for dell asia pacific, they moved all the support to bangalore india and there were a lot of complaints about their english being ineligible the malaysians in penang were a bit better but they only handled sales enquiries! i don't know if it's still the case now, but IBM and HP still had native english speaking call centres
  16. I used to work for Dell - their tech support is one of the most complained about services.
  17. no it doesn't necessarily mean you have 2 x CPUs it could be one of the Pentium 4s with "hyper threading" which shows up as 2 CPUs but is only one CPU, one core but they take advantage of the rise and fall of the CPU cycle or some crap. if it's pentium D it's dual core, but not necessarily 2 different CPUs but that's better than a hyperthreading they made hyper threading CPUs all the way up to 3.0Ghz if i remember correctly, so since yours is 2.8Ghz it could be hyper threading or Pentium D since Pentium Ds were first made in 2.8Ghz variants best way to find out is with cpu-z as suggested above to take advantage of dual CPU/dual core you need the professional variants of Windows eg. NT4.0, Windows 2000 professional or above, Windows XP Pro, dunno about vista XP home, and windows 95/98/ME will not take advantage of dual core and dual CPU. seeing as it's showing up as 2 then you're already running a suitable OS
  18. amping definitely has plays a large part in the K701's ability to sound good a little colouration doesn't go astray IMHO but it needs lots of POWER going from original master > heed canamp > G&W AT-F100 > PPAv2 has yielded improvements with each step.
  19. dc

    Ultrasone HFI-780

    what about the cryo cable or the cryo treated cable!
  20. dc

    OICDN Fan

    hehe, classic.
  21. dc

    HF-1 w/ Flats

    haha, your avatar on head-fi is burnt into my brain you look like the happiest guy alive with those HP-1000s
  22. dc

    HF-1 w/ Flats

    Didn't really like the HF-1 with flats. Sounded too muddy and the bass was flabby. Bowls was better in the clarity/bass tightness but then the highs were too fatiguing. Guess I'm just not a Grado man =\
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