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  1. what's the dial above the headphone out? bull crap
  2. don't blame the internets! it's the shipping companies
  3. dc

    canjam 08

    sounds good! well don't forgot to snap heaps and post em when you're back. these big meets might merit a visit to the states some time... hmmm any word of can jam '09?
  4. x2 if that transaction goes bad too!
  5. maybe your emails got eaten by a spam filter? i've emailed him a couple of times and he's gotten back to me fairly quickly
  6. where do you keep finding them?
  7. dc

    OICDN Fan

    I thought your business was supposed to pay you, not the other way around
  8. talk about timing, the standard bias lambda drivers i bought off thrice arrived i *was* going to transplant them into the lambda pro housings, but i might just keep them as spares now.
  9. he's trying to seduce you, then when you least expect it he's going to nab your R10s and send them to JL!
  10. yeppers thanks! I was prepared to pay up to $250 for them, so I'm rather happy about this result. I believe everyone was watching the other auction that ended shortly after that came with the SRD-7SB and that price did end a little high (probably rage bids from those who missed out on these ones)
  11. see if they'll cryo treat it!
  12. hmm i seemed to read it as choke on which is just as if not funnier
  13. HAHA Duggeh you're brilliant you never cease to amaze me with your lines
  14. SR-Lambda standard bias incoming!
  15. is that the only way to measure max voltage of a cap?
  16. decided to get rid of some of the sponsors forums too while i was at it (never read them)
  17. he can get away with it by declaring it a train wreck and sweeping it under the rug
  18. http://auction1.taobao.com/auction/item_detail-0db2-8885f6783453314e065c23c19a3a2f4d.jhtml maybe he had a box made?
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