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  1. The number one thing on my list is Ironbut's Technics as I have the same set up sans the tape path mods and I am interested in hearing if I am missing out on anything. He also has many more of the Tape Projects tapes than I do so that will be interesting. I would like to try the Smyth thing as the Beyer version I heard last year at a Jersey meet was pretty sorry but the idea is intriguing. The TTVJ 307a amp is a must for me as is the Luxman P1. I definitely intend to do some Vinyl shopping at the Eastwind booth. Too bad we couldn't wrangle someone like Acoustic Sounds to bring a b
  2. VPI

    CanJam 2009

    Dude, I think I know that guy on the right.
  3. VPI

    CanJam 2009

    I get in just after noon on Friday.
  4. Do you two realize you are talking about different things?
  5. I thought about one of those but as I only use Macs so as I understand it I can do 24/96 via the mini toslink output so I don't have to pay the price for a USB input.
  6. Decided to try out some lower priced DACs with the new Squeezebox before going nuts so I picked up a Benchmark DAC1 and a Lavry DA-10 since everyone is dumping them cheap. Don't know that I will like either one but at the prices I paid I should be able to turn them around if I decide I really need that Weiss DAC.
  7. I really read that wrong. I need to venture out to one of the New York are Five Guys as i have really missed those cajun fries.
  8. Yeah I have reached out to Myles Astor about trying out the DAC2 as I seem to remember one is his system when I saw him a few weeks ago. I also ordered the Apogee MiniDac that Dan recommended but it is not here yet.
  9. Bought a Squeezebox Duet and got it set up this morning. Playing right out of the receiver it sounds better than I thought it would. Going to try a DAC soon. Hopefully will choose my CanJam MacBook Pro balanced DAC soon and it will also end up being my Squeezebox DAC.
  10. Ray and his Electrstat amp will not be in attendance. Looking at the gear list it appears this one might break NY records for fewest amount of Stats. I may have to figure out a way to fit the KGSS and Omega IIs in for the trip.
  11. I will be there. Looks like there will be an extra room now so if it doesn't get handed over to the MOTs I am going to try to go in there.
  12. I have no issues with their marketing. Does that mean I can have free booze at CJ09?
  13. Another one for the pen collection.
  14. VPI

    CanJam 2009

    I pre-paid and I got Friday and Saturday for $92 and Sunday for $82.
  15. VPI

    CanJam 2009

    Booked my hotel room so it looks like I might actually make this one.
  16. VPI


    Absolutely, I have really enjoyed the show and look forward to seeing how they get out of this mess.
  17. I thought in LA you could just shoot wherever the hell you want to.
  18. Some helpful info. Production Dating
  19. The way I can tell with mine is by looking at the end of the Parker 51 Made in the USA etching on the body and there is a number there T46 meaning it was made in Toronto in 1946. I guess Toronto was part of the US back then.
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