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  1. ...aka Foetus aka Jim Thirwheel, yes, was.
  2. For drums, you should use specialized drum mics. For electric guitar, there’s nothing wrong with the SM57 (presuming that’s a typo). I’ve also seen the Sennheiser e609, e906, and Rode NTR recommended by professionals. Not Dave, though, he told me to use the SM57. I did get the NTR based on the specific advice from a virtual friend/professional on the PRS forum. I haven’t tried it yet, though. Don’t know about acoustic guitar or piano. Am going to attempt to record piano soon, will bring several mics with me. I will tell you to experiment with mic position. There are t
  3. I didn’t want to ruin Ric’s enjoyment of Enola Holmes, so I tried to wrap the fact that I enjoyed it too in spoiler tags, and they did nothing. Operator error, or are they broken? @tkam
  4. Really digging the new Mammal Hands and GoGo Penguin, as well as the new Lunatic Soul track.
  5. Cheers, Jose. Grieve as much as you need, we understand. I think most of us are at that age where we’ve either lost someone or are about to lose someone. Unrelated, I got my flu vaccine today. Semirelated, I got my shingles vaccine also.
  6. No, I've been meaning to give one a try, but I don't even have a linux machine right now, need to finish that build (several years old at this point).
  7. (takes a deep breath) If I could only remember to suck and not bite down, especially with my molars, I’d be fine, but I’m pretty sure I will forget myself. (cue Steve)
  8. Happy birthday! (party favour noise)
  9. I’ve lost a filling to them once, never again. I don’t even remember what they taste like.
  10. Sounds right. Did they send you Bit-O-Honey, too?
  11. Cuing up Mammal Hands and GoGo Penguin. Thanks, gents.
  12. Colour me interested when they come out in deep, dark, almost black purple with a pink cone surround.
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