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  1. Happy Birthday Al! Cheers
  2. Happy Birthday Nate! Have a great day. Cheers
  3. Happy Birthday Craig! Enjoy the day
  4. Happy belated Birthday Naaman! I hope you had a great day. Cheers
  5. Yes, you can substitute something else in for the OPA134UA. I did a quick search and found OPA1655DR which is in stock. You'll need to test it to make sure it functions properly. Good luck and post back your findings. PS I'm running on very little sleep, so double check the operating parameters of the OPA1655 against OPA134.
  6. I just got to the hotel. We’re on the 8th floor. There’s a couple of restaurants here. I’ll post once we figure it out.
  7. I got back a week ago (there for five weeks), but 7 hours time difference is tough 😴
  8. I’m all packed up for the show tomorrow, but my jet lag is kicking in. I think I’m going to stay in and get a good night sleep. Tomorrow after the show I’m free. Enjoy
  9. I’ll catch up with you guys a bit later in the day.
  10. Happy Birthday Dan! I hope you enjoyed yourself
  11. I’ll know better by end of day today about my Friday schedule. Saturday after the show definitely works. For any stragglers, Monday is wide open for me.
  12. Happy Birthday Colin! Cheers
  13. Happy Birthday Steve! Hope it was a great one. Cheers
  14. Looking forward to seeing everyone I’ve got to figure out my availability outside of CanJam, but will certainly be available for some of the extracurricular activities.
  15. Happy Birthday Jeff! Cheers
  16. Happy Birthday, Adam! Enjoy the day
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