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  1. Spent part of the day with the family wearing bike/ski helmets in my sons closet. Ironically living in Kansas for 5 years we never had any close calls with tornados. One was about a mile away today.
  2. Toasting the friends I have lost and fallen fellow comrades. Cheers brothers. Air Cav!
  3. The Omega does have a pretty heavy bracelet. If I like the one for the Breitling I might have to look into the Omega one.
  4. Performance wise can't beat the Mustang GT or Challenger for the price.
  5. Have you tried out a 435/335? They are pretty much the equivalent of the S4. Plenty of performance but a lot less expensive than RS or Ms.
  6. I was going to say just get a Can-Am and a rain jacket, but suck-me-sideways if they are not pricey.
  7. A Yugo would look funny will all those Mustang GTs
  8. If it wasn't for the good deal I get picking them up in Germany I would be tooling around in a Yugo GT.
  9. That is to bad, I would try to find a dealership that doesn't suck to have a whirl in one.
  10. Happy Birthday! I think you deserve a biscuit. Today. Only. Ever.
  11. due et! Or test drive an M4
  12. Happy Birthday Raffy!
  13. Same. I think the R/S/A5 is a great looking car and a appreciate what it is, but I would take a M4 or 6 series over it any day. At the end of the day drive everything you can think of that is in the range of what you want. Go with the one that draws you in the most. Also make sure to play with the tech in the car, can make or break something you thought you like.
  14. If AWD is needed the M4 is out. Can't beat the 911 as a drivers car, but I would think the RS5 would be better as a daily driver. 650i w/xdrive or M6?
  15. I think it sounds very reasonable. Might have to cross shop it with a CTS-V wagon. To bad the RS-6 doesn't make it stateside because that would be a good option as well. Now for the ultimate kid hauler and grocery getter I would go for a Brabus 800 (G65). But I am crazy.
  16. Something just seems off with Hublot, maybe it's their sponsorship of Mayweather. I just realized I really want a Patek 5227. Some day.
  17. I say we shoot for the middle and do i70 from Manhattan Ks to Denver Co. Will make everyone appreciate every other highway road trip
  18. I was just thankful it decided to hitch a ride on the outside of my shirt. Took a couple of flicks to get it off then gave it the good old boot stomp. Also glad it wasn't a centipede.
  19. Was on my arm and it was definitely alive. I only noticed it when I raised my arm to close a cabinet in the kitchen. Also heard that it's inversely proportional to tail size. It was a striped bark scorpion which is all I have seen around here. Guess I'm going to shake my cloths out from now on.
  20. Oh yeah. Pretty common around these parts since it is very rocky. Other side of town where there is no limestone and has good top soil is scorpion free.
  21. Found this feller that must have been hanging with me all morning. Cute.
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