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  1. Hurray Shelly! That place looks awesome.
  2. There is a reason I have a Raptor now [emoji6] Dodge K cars. Parents had a pair. [emoji90]
  3. Okay I must have missed something. What the heck is BAI? The only super low thing I can think of is Brent's Annual Income.
  4. Good luck. I've already established he doesn't like being kissed by a man.
  5. Similar design to the OEM but much larger. I actually like the OEM optional wheels. I will either look for someone dumping theirs or powder coat mine. Bald? I prefer a landing strip.
  6. I totally need to find that on Zillow. So much awesome, makes want to hang out more with my cousin.
  7. The really really small ones. Keeping it real and all.
  8. M5/RS/CTS-V wagons are pretty sweet, now if only the German ones made it over this way. Getting my first truck tomorrow. Shocked I would ever say this, but I'm kind of looking forward to getting a truck.
  9. HEB? Edit: guess "same" means yes [emoji85]
  10. naamanf


    To bad it isn't in class. I could camp out on DOTUs lawn and collect $200k a year from my GI Bill. Would keep us in beer and herb [emoji6]
  11. Go check out the Golden Ear sound bars.
  12. http://www.rythmikaudio.com/products.html Local Austin company.
  13. Sounds like my kind of dive. Hopefully the beers were piss warm.
  14. We are done when I say we are done. We are done.
  15. Good things do happen when you stay away from our delicious biscuits.
  16. I'm drinking whiskey. Then whisky. Yummy stuff. Is the cunt gone yet?
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