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  1. Happy Birthday, Justin!!!!
  2. Wow, this one is even more genius than the Apple's wheels.
  3. Just finished this short in Youtube. Found it worth sharing.
  4. Happy Birthday, Kerry! I wish the day and the meeting were a blast.
  5. I'm two episodes into Beforeigners season 1 The initial idea seems great, but the development isn't as good as the expectations it generates. It's becoming as any other detective/police/crime series. Maybe #3 introduces an interesting twist.
  6. Way too good to be true Leica M10 This other one is no slouch either. Looks like it's the same seller with 0 feedback.
  7. I listened to this one yesterday. I think I had different expectations.
  8. I know, so what? You know what's the point I'm trying to make.
  9. Who cares these days? Come on, they're selling vinyl discs made from digital recordings
  10. Why would they use a balanced expensive pot if almost none of their wealthy moronic customers is going to notice?
  11. Last night finished the first-half of the last-season of "Better Call Saul". Looking forward for the second-half.
  12. Have a very Happy Birthday, Brent!!! And use a heavy duty helmet with those gifts you got.
  13. Probably the "milk chocolate" part. It's a waste of cocoa. Chocolate must be dark.
  14. Happy Birthday, Raffy!!!!
  15. Belated happy birthday, Rob!!!
  16. T-Square - Wish 2022 Yup, very easy listening, reminds a lot of the 80's Shakatak, Mezzoforte, and the like. Rather adequate when your brains are oxygenating below 90%
  17. ^ Uf, that lady is heavily brainwashed and paid to brainwash. To be honest I don't see India supporting unconditionally Russia. China could if it saw a way to yield USA in the journey. IMHO one of the World's priorities at this point would be stopping Trump to rule the USA for a second time.
  18. Happy Birthday, Chris!!!
  19. It's obvious you don't know English, that was a joke too. It's obvious too that you don't know how to express coherent thoughts. Not even having clever ones.
  20. You're way to verbose to fit in this community. You know English, short phrases, lots of stops, one idea at a time.
  21. Is it just me and my slow computer, or is it the thread getting so huge that it takes like forever to load?
  22. I wouldn't say that was a mistake. He couldn't go elsewhere having Leclerc breaking right in front and Max close enough so he couldn't get the outside.
  23. For the second time, Happy Birthday, Shelly!!!!
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