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  1. This Patax guys are the group of the percussionist Jorge Pérez (born in Boston while his father worked for the MIT). Fun kind of jazz fusion, so exploring a bit else:
  2. Mike, I've got it lossless, want it? just drop me a PM Now some YouTube absolute beauty
  3. Robert & Johnny - Million Dollar Bills Available at several different streamers Reassuring myself that I was born 25 years too late
  4. Happy Bday, Kerry. Have a great one
  5. Peter Bernstein, Brad Mehldau, Christian McBride & Gregory Hutchinson - Signs Live! Available at many streaming services
  6. You might start a line of headphone hangers on such design: things like "to Dr Molinaro who gave my wife those wonderful appendages" and things like that. There's some business there if someone doesn't sue you for using wood Very nice holder, Naaman.
  7. I enjoyed the race, although I'm surprised that no one blamed Verstappen for what happened. Maybe he didn't need that much advantage nor hitting the fast lap. Monaco and Baku are my favourite races, those urban tracks are great, and Baku has the advantage of allowing overtakes.
  8. I'm sorry, Todd. Condolences
  9. Paul McCartney (& a lot of people) - McCartney III Imagined (2021) Available at Qobuz and many other streamers. Looks like I should listen to his last year's effort.
  10. I'm sorry for your loss, Todd. Condolences to your family. RIP Roz.
  11. I'm in a Chick Corea Elekctric Band fusion spree so it was The Chick Corea Elektric Band And now it's Light Years
  12. Yup. I hope you're not planning to sell it.
  13. ¡Feliz Cumpleaños, Brent! Que mi mexicano cabezón favorito tenga un día soberbio
  14. Happy Bday, Rob!!
  15. Happy Birthday, Chris!!!
  16. Happy Birthday, Shelly!
  17. What album would you recommend to someone not into the genre and completely new to the artist?
  18. It's beyond my understanding why, but it's true he was popular in Spain by the time he participated in that show. RIP.
  19. I'd say it's a phono preamp, but not the EAR 912 which I thought it was
  20. That's what I guessed too, but it would be less risky using a harness and a crane to avoid the palm falling hardly onto something. Probably if that man crashes on the floor it's cheaper.
  21. Why would you cut just the palm top? The tree will die anyway, won't it?
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