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  1. Thanks so very much, Todd ❤️
  2. I'm so glad we're back together that I don't care it might have been worse or better. Truth is that we're here and alive
  3. Awesome!!! Thank you very much for fixing this
  4. It's a lot cheaper then. The Amatis were 12000€ in 2001
  5. It's like Sonus Faber Amati but in piano gloss instead of beautiful wood and leather.
  6. Happy Birthday, Doug!!! I wish it's a great day.
  7. ¡Feliz Cumpleaños, Al!!! I wish you had a great day, with plenty of hugs, libations, kisses and whatever that could make you happy.
  8. I would use a known source with a known signal, then a SPL meter at a measured distance. That should be harmless. Within a 3dB range your listening sessions should be perfectly equivalent.
  9. Torpedo

    Covid Concerts

    Next Saturday and Sunday two guitar concerts. Tickets ranging from free to whatever wish to spend https://alternativeguitarsummit.com/concerts/
  10. Didn't know about PVA, however undersea water isn't exactly the same as steam. I'm not sure I'd dare drill tiny holes around the driver whatsoever.
  11. Yup. My suspicion is that they assume breaking the "old" drivers to get them off the wooden cups. A luthier explained to me the procedure they follow to unglue the guitar neck from the body. They drill very tiny holes and they inject water steam for some time which softens the adhesive and allows the separation of the parts. It's possible that a similar procedure might work better than the usual hot air one, which is perhaps more difficult to control to avoid driver damage.
  12. Short update, mainly to thank you for your opinions and assistance. I've got a Synology 920+ NAS and a couple of 16TB server HDD. Once this is set up and working, I'll decide if I add more RAM and/or a M.2 drive to be used as cache. This unit admits up to 4GB RAM extension, but it's been tested to work well with an additional 16GB DIMM for 20GB RAM. Main concern is how noisy it's going to be with 2 fans and up to 4 HDD, but I can always replace HDD for SSD units sacrificing capacity. Fortunately it can be placed away from my desk.
  13. Thanks, I had looked at that, but it didn't really clarify how to get working any of the programs I need. To work on certain sites they must be only the allowed versions. I'll learn that once I get the device and I can see how it goes.
  14. But that would have the disadvantage of stopping the client when the computer is off, and it using computer resources instead of NAS', wouldn't it? My idea was leaving the NAS as a seedbox on its own independently of what goes on in the computer.
  15. Thanks for the explanation guys. In a two person family there's not much chance that we'll be competing for the resources
  16. Would the 220 or 420 offer faster Ethernet connection? If I didn't understand wrongly they're all Gigabit Ethernet, but have 2 connection, can these be connected simultaneously to the router to get higher speeds? Once I'm looking at a networking solution away from my desk, and more expensive, I'd initially stick to mechanical HDDs. What I'm liking is the idea of setting up my own cloud server so I can send to it the pics and videos we take on the go, and also keeping all those file hosting tasks away from my computer which wouldn't need to be on all the time. Since multimedia reproduction wouldn't be a load for it, I'd leave for future upgrades getting more memory or the cache M.2 drives.
  17. So in your opinion the 200€ price difference between 420+ and 220+ is worth it for the upgradability. What I like most is the idea of being able to set up a 1+0 RAID array, but that's the expensive one since I'd need 3 or 4 disks right away. Their RAID system is good for I would be able to start with 2 disks in RAID 1, then adding more disks and changing it to RAID 10, wouldn't I?. I don't have real performance (speed-wise) needs for large files. Actually the 218 for my real needs and initial budget (yes, I know, it's HC) would be the preferable option. I find very difficult to spot the differences in the Disk Station implementation in Synology boxes. The client implementation is one of the few requirements that I'd like to make sure that works, and one of the reasons I'd favour Synology over QNAP, but it's not easy finding information on that particular.
  18. After looking at many options and HDD alternatives and capacities, despite I don't have much of an use of a multimedia center at home, having the chance of creating a domestic cloud, VPN and file repository, this option is most likely the wisest despite being larger, more noisy, and more expensive. I have two main concerns about this option, one of them being the compatibility with clients that are allowed on private trackers (rtorrent, qbittorrent, etc), the other one if regarding the relatively small price difference, would it be worth the expense of a 4 bay drive against the 2 bay ones like the Synology DS220+?
  19. Happy Birthday, Nate!!! Have a great day.
  20. Happy Birthday, Naaman! I wish you have a great day.
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