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  1. Do you know if any of those lenses is your favourite and why? If just one isn't, can you widen that to your 3 preferred ones and why? Perhaps posting a couple of examples to show the reasons would be very interesting. This thread is needing some attention 😉
  2. I've learned today that the horrible coat he was wearing in the stadium meeting was made by this firm: https://es.loropiana.com/en/p/man/coats-and-trench/dunnet-coat-FAL8307?colorCode=W000
  3. Alexander Hawkins Ensemble - Step Wide, Step Deep Available at your music providers and Qobuz too https://open.qobuz.com/album/5028159000349 Kind of very free for my blood
  4. I will listen to that one, Dusty. I find this one amazing: It's a pity this video is such poor quality
  5. This is the luxury age. A lot of the stuff that we used to be able to afford is becoming just for the wealthy. It's understandable, why making a 50% profit if you can get 600%.
  6. My condolences, Todd.
  7. I'm unsure we have the technology to stop his hypersonic missiles or even to reply to them. The only thing that could stop him is the own russian people, and they're being misinformed and repressed. Meanwhile BJ delights us with his clever insight of matters that are well beyond his reach. Now he feels very European
  8. Happy Birthday, Nate!!! Have an awesome day.
  9. Happy Birthday, Craig!!! I'm a bit late, but hopefully it was a very good one.
  10. I'm afraid that interview was before the tests
  11. Looks like Alpine is going to have a tough time and that Mercedes is doing pretty well. If you have the time watch the 3 pre-season bits, there're interesting things to learn.
  12. This is not a "music making" video per se, although has valuable hints about harmonic progressions, substitutions, melody making... IMHO can be of interest for you as it was for me.
  13. Yup, I can imagine a few people proud to wear that sheet of art as a tattoo in the back.
  14. Happy Birthday, Naaman!!! I wish you a great day.
  15. We would be very thankful if the occasional visitors and review readers refrained their enthusiasm and need to post void messages. This is not Twitter.
  16. Happy Birthday, Dan!!! Have a great day.
  17. Glad you liked it, the look is great. That's one of those simple things to cook that are very enjoyable.
  18. Happy Birthday, Al!!! I wish it's as phenomenal as the best of the previous ones
  19. Happy Birthday, Colin!!! Have a great day, my only face to face known caser
  20. Silvana Estrada - Marchita https://smarturl.it/MARCHITA
  21. He'd be more alert.
  22. Happy Birthday, Steve!!! Have a great day and something meatier than a cake
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