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  1. RIP Almudena Grandes. Died from cancer at 61. She was a writer that I enjoyed very much. She wrote a series of books named "the never ending war" from the losers of the Spanish Civil War point of view (that's communist, anarchists and democrats in general). She also wrote a couple of columns weekly in the newspaper I usually read in Spanish. Clever, kind and decent human being. I'll miss her writings a lot. Godspeed, Almudena
  2. Enjoy the holiday. I'm wondering when will it be a festivity here, after all giving thanks is a nice practice.
  3. Happy belated BDay! Glad to know you had a good one with gifts and all
  4. Torpedo

    Winamp is back

    Their site is so advanced that it's displaying shit in my old OSX system
  5. My deepest condolences to you and your family, Steve. I'm glad he didn't suffer a painful agony, it's been fast. Hugs, mate, stay there for your mum.
  6. What I hate most in such situations is the feeling of impotence, that being absolutely powerless. It's your mother who'll have the hardest hit. You're doing great being by her side as much as you can.
  7. As you already know those aren't good news. Too many questions that a thoracic surgeon should answer to you. There should be a waiting list, I don't know how it works in the US with your health system. Best wishes.
  8. Happy Birthday, Dinny!!! I hope life is treating you well.
  9. Only if the alternative had been starting behind Lewis Interesting sprint race thanks to Lewis, Carlos and Sergio, Max didn't want to risk. Hopefully tomorrow it'll be a different story.
  10. Happy Birthday, Mikey!!!
  11. Just finished this NPR's Tiny Desk concert by William Prince. https://www.npr.org/2021/11/08/1051412129/william-prince-tiny-desk-home-concert?jwsource=cl
  12. In the lines of this video, I've just watched this other one recently released by Sabine, one of my favourite physicists (not that I know many)
  13. More Pat Martino. A pretty rare live recording before he suffered the stroke and consequent memory loss. Such a great musician
  14. I'm very glad the misfortunes ended well. The new look fits you well
  15. I've been following this young lady for some time, this video is pretty damn good Then went to a recording of a radio broadcast by the great Pat Martino, RIP:
  16. Currently about half of the episodes of Only Murders in the Building. Kind of fun with some intrigue.
  17. He was completely unknown to me. My first experience with both hands tapping approach to guitar was Stanley Jordan in the early 80's. It didn't seem to me that Jordan knew about Chapman, his invention and technique. RIP Mr Chapman.
  18. There's a documentary about Pat's life covering that episode, the shortcomings after the stroke and surgery, the loss of his memory and how he had to relearn how to play. It's titled Martino Unstrung.
  19. I've just known that Pat Martino died yesterday at 77. RIP Pat.
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