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  1. The last episode hasn't been aired here yet, they'll do this evening. I have left to watch 12th and that last one. Considering to re-watch Breaking Bad.
  2. That's something that I've noticed in most of his recordings, they way they're mixed giving him prominence, the cover pictures... His live performances seem to reinforce that feeling of a guy being too glad of meeting himself for he's so important. Whatever, a fine musician nonetheless.
  3. I think his page should be this. I'm in, as usual
  4. A reminder of what's really our merit. Or perhaps god's will
  5. Listened to it yesterday at NPR's.
  6. Happy Birthday, Todd!!! Wishing you an awesome day
  7. Nina Nastasia - Riderless Horse I've listened to a few tunes by Domi and JD... Mixed feelings. She's got a nice harmonic feeling and makes interesting melodies. His drumming is very impressive at first, those fast sixtuplets or 32th notes are amazing, but too much of a good thing becomes tiring to me. Maybe listening to the whole album I get a better idea. On the other hand all this media exposure they're getting, and the big names in their recording, makes me think if this is some sort of new product.
  8. Thank you very much, guys. It was a good day. Hot, dry and too sunny for my skin, but fun and happy. Now heading to work.
  9. Thank you very much, Dusty. That's the kind of keyboard I'm looking for. I don't know Alesis as a brand, so I was looking at Yamaha, Korg or Casio in that price range. Hadn't heard of Fatar before. It's great knowing that the infamous DIN MIDI connector is not a standard anymore. I don't have a MIDI/ADC controller card, in my Mac the only DAW software I've tried so far is Garage Band. It comes with a few instruments included. The App (in the old version my MBP supports) has a tiny keyboard which you can play note-by-note with the mouse, which has been my ear-training tool for a couple of weeks. I'd need the keyboard to play chords, but it's very convenient it has its own speakers or at least headphone out. Have you tried that keyboard, do you like the feel of the keys?
  10. Long time no see. Happy Birthday!!!!
  11. Probably not a "music making" post but a "music learning" one. Anyway. I'm taking some lessons from a teacher who has a somewhat different approach than my regular one (I feel as a cheating husband). This alternativa teacher is more about ear training and feeling the notes, chords and intervals than a guitar can provide. I need a keyboard that has: Its own speakers or at least a "line out" that can be connected to a guitar or audio amplifier. Headphones out is welcome too. Some MIDI output so it'd be compatible with a DAW or just Garage Band in a Mac if I could decide what audio interface is the most adequate to my interests. It's an interesting feature but at this point not really a mandatory one. It's highly desirable that it has USB output so it could be used as an instrument input device to a Mac if I don't get some MIDI interface. Obviously it's more interesting to me than the MIDI output. I don't care much about effects, presets, rhythms and all those "music making" features, although they could be interesting to make loops and patterns that could help to real music making. I have no idea if this could be integrated into a computer not having a MIDI interface. Some advice would be most welcome. I'd love that the keys had a "real-piano" feel so just in case I get bored from guitar in the next 10 years, it'd could be an acceptable bridge into a real piano or at least a decent electronic piano. I don't "need" the 88 keys of a true piano, but something in the 5+ octaves range would be preferable. I'm not going to spend in a learning keyboard more than in a decent guitar or bass, so I won't spend in this more than 500 bucks. Were it "the shit" in this category of instruments, I could go as high as $1000, probably more but only if it's really worth it. Thanks for any advice.
  12. I skipped posting some albums the first time because I really thought it's impossible to narrow it down to five. However, giving some more thought to it and being honest, there're five albums (cheating a little bit) that will be the favourites ever because they became a part of my memories from when I was young. the order is just orientative. 1.- The Beatles: Abbey Road (yes, I love Revolver, Rubber Soul, Let it Be and Help! too, and like all the others, however this one is my recurring goto). I never got it in vinyl, I "stole" an original cassette from my godmother aunt. 2.- Toto: Hydra 2.- Supertramp: Crisis, What Crisis? It's not a mistake, there are two #2. As a teenager I was poor. I had spent my savings of about 3 years in a stereo system, so I was broke and had little money to buy records. These two albums were recorded from friends LPs into a 90' cassette, one each side of the tape. I can't say how many times I listened to that tape with headphones in my bedroom. Later I bought the Supertramp's in vinyl. 3.- Pink Floyd: The Dark Side of the Moon This one I got directly in vinyl with Atom Heart Mother. Later came Wish You Were Here. I never got to really dig The Wall with the same devotion. 4.- Sting: The Dream of the Blue Turtles I love most of Police albums and a couple of them would have made a larger than 5 favourites list. I think Sting is a unique, gifted, tune composer. He got better albums than this, I know, but this one and its "If you love someone set them free" was released the year that my father died. A lot of reasons made it getting stuck in my head forever. 5.- Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong: Ella & Louis I made acquaintance with this one a few years later, but soon got into that cloud of favourite albums. It was a tie with Grover Washington Jr's "Winelight" though, which got there earlier in my life.
  13. Enrico Pieranunzi - The Extra Something https://album.link/es/i/1610595183
  14. It could well be a Steely Dan's tune.
  15. Jazz Futures - Live in Concert Well worth a listen. A reminder that life flies and 30 years is nothing.
  16. Unsure most of you are going to like it, but perhaps it's a glimpse into what's wrong with humankind and our future.
  17. I'm very sorry for your loss, Chris. Condolences to you and your family.
  18. I wish you have a great birthday. Enjoy and have fun
  19. Wow, this is a round big one. Happy Birthday, Birgir!!! Have a great day, my friend.
  20. No it didn't. I'm glad Carlos won, it was about time that nothing broke in his car. Things keep getting more interesting. A miracle that Zhou was unhurt.
  21. Stranger Things S4 Long episodes, halfway into the #2
  22. Happy Birthday, Greg!!! You may not believe this, but once, in Scotland at a restaurant, we got wine served like that
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