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  1. There's too much mysticism surrounding Stax drivers. It didn't sound like your problem would ever result in "a bad diaphragm that needs replacing". Open them up in as clean an environment as you can manage and get the dust/hair off the membrane. You have buzzing so there's something small creating an arc...if you had channel imbalance that'd be a different story.
  2. I think it's pretty typical of them to respond very late or not at all.
  3. n3rdling

    Oppo PM3

    Academic?? You mean 'thought leader'.
  4. n3rdling

    Oppo PM3

    I was wondering why his username looked familiar...
  5. I'm guessing there's something up with the way the drivers are held together (screws loose, etc)
  6. Nah he's not one of those guys though. Sneis is a good dude that gives honest impressions. He's not in on the smear campaign.
  7. I think he ships it with a non conductive tool just in case somebody pokes the wrong spot. If you're at least a little careful a normal small screwdriver should work fine. You can listen to music while the amp warms up even if the bias isn't tuned in yet.
  8. Reverb would also show in the CSDs
  9. Welcome back! What amp are you thinking of going with?
  10. I guess what I'm really asking is what the equivalent bias is for one of the popular electrets. As in, given the same driver and D/S gap what would you need the bias to be so that it matches the sensitivity of the same driver with electret film? Are there any Stax electrets I can plug straight into one of the Stax amps without fiddling around with the pins?
  11. One thing I don't get about electrets is how the bias is set. If it's possible to set the bias (really the rate it loses electrons I guess) then I have an idea in my head that might allow an electret to be driven from dynamic amps at pretty decent SPLs. Defqon, you can buy 2 um Mylar from ebay very easily and it'll last you forever. There's also a place in AUS that sells 2 thicknesses of Mylar, but don't buy their 1 um "Mylar" as it's garbage and not even PET film.
  12. wordpress sounds like what you're looking for. Lots of sites are built using it and it's pretty simple to learn. There should be plenty of templates for what you describe. For domain names I use namesilo and for webhosting I like stablehost.
  13. Don't agree that the HE60 > HE90 in any way. I much, much prefer the HE90. The HE60 sounds like a less veiled version of the HD600 but still pretty dry. The HE90 has a much bigger soundstage, is more resolving, has cleaner and harder hitting bass, etc. Best headphone ever IMO. This isn't true...I've looked inside both and they're quite different. I have all the measurements down for the HE90 but didn't really bother to do the same for the HE60 because the drivers on them are pretty small. Even the hole shape on the HE90 stators is different and pretty damn clever.
  14. I'm sure the Chinese market will gobble them up no matter the price.
  15. I talked to a guy over here who is partners with the main distributor of these on the west coast since he asks me what I think of the new revisions at the local meets. I'm usually kinda quiet and just say "it sounds pretty good" but this time I told him I think they'll see a lot of improvement if they completely change that back grill to something way more open (and larger). He said he'll let them know so we'll see. Next time I see him I'll ask him if he can hook me up with a bunch of those cables for a GB. They're pretty nice.
  16. They gave me my free H2 maybe 6 or 7 months ago and it's just sat in the trunk of my car since then. I heard the H3 a couple weeks ago and it sounds better than the H1, but still not that good compared to Stax. They're working on the H4 right now supposedly.
  17. But didn't Ed say the 007s sound best with the pads backwards?
  18. You could put some foam over the drivers, but it'd likely rub up against your ears and annoy you. You'd probably have to make new pads for them.
  19. Sad how many people still believe in magic.
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