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    I was doing mattress research when I needed a new one a few years back and ended up getting a NovaForm memory foam mattress. Way cheaper than the Tempurpedic's I saw. I love it. I also got a memory foam pillow and like it way more than my other pillows. If I were to do it all over I'd look seriously at latex too.
  2. You're probably thinking of jaycalgary. He did the Sigmas though
  3. I'm just glad Bradley still hasn't learned how to trap the ball.
  4. I doubt it. Where are you located? Are you able to DIY at all? Are you sure there's zero sound coming out of one of the drivers (as opposed to very low level sound)?
  5. I use the one linked for cleaning up chips on the CNC and it works well enough. There's also a Stanley in the same price range that is taller and on wheels.
  6. I also got the Antek. I trust them more than sumr, the price is good, and there's no wait
  7. I heard one of the prototypes, no idea which version. The FR is very nice, one of the most neutral orthos I've heard. Beyond that though, they sounded really closed in (like LCD2 kinda) and slow/lacking detail for an ortho. Methinks they put too many layers on that diaphragm. And the S Logic pads confuse me.
  8. I think I used a credit card to get most of it off and then wiped the rest off with Q tips and hydrogen peroxide.
  9. Anybody local have 2x LT1021-10 I can buy ASAP? I'm done populating my Megatron and KGSSHV PSU boards and wanted to take this amp to the meet on Sat but I forgot to order that part. I don't think ordering from digikey will reach me in time unless I pay $64 to overnight the 8oz package.
  10. Is there much difference between working with one of those and the standard Hakko?
  11. Is he talking about the hole on the front panel? May as well make it 8 since the knob will cover the hole.
  12. What timed switch did you guys use for the HV supply?
  13. n3rdling


    Yup. I've been tracking this for a while...can't wait until Sunday.
  14. It's all about pushing the new shit
  15. Mint condition these days you're probably looking at close to $2000. Very good condition goes for about $1800 from what I've seen. I'd recommend just getting a nice mk2 (not mk2.5) and doing the spritzer mods to convert it to a mk1 with a strain relief.
  16. Ya that doesn't have high enough dimensional stability
  17. You could use a drill to do something like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdzZdiKiWX8
  18. Yea flexy. It's basically the same thing as the salamander as far as I can tell but much cheaper. I think I built my 6 shelf, 3 leg version for about $75.
  19. diaphragm thickness, coating used, spacer thickness, hole size and spacing, driver area, pad thickness, driver angle, stator thickness, open area percentage, grill design, dust cover material, stator rigidity, etc
  20. Real men solder straight to the romex...fuck outlets!
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