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  1. Great game, lebron is ridiculous.
  2. I dunno, I only hear about how injured Steph must be after he has mediocre games. All the injury talk disappears after his very good games. I think the physical style of the playoffs might not mesh so well with his game. He's getting held and bumped a lot more than he did during the regular season and hasn't really been effective at beating his man to get to the rim.
  3. Well there's also some guy working for LH Labs or one of those companies that's claiming to have designed the SR-009. I think when I looked into it, his time "working with Stax" was about 1-2 years after the 009 was even released.
  4. I don't think this is solely preferential treatment for the Cavs, rather the NBA trying to make more money. It was BS when Green didn't get suspended for that obvious nut kick when just 24h prior the NBA suspended a noname player on the Cavs (Dahntay Jones) for doing much less (grazing nuts with his hand). Of course, the NBA couldn't risk their cash cow Warriors to lose that quickly to OKC, so they didn't suspend Green since they were losing the series. Now that this looks to be over in 5 the NBA gives Green a cheap flagrant so the Cavs can hopefully prolong this series too. Really disappointing, I thought this kinda stuff was gonna go away when Stern retired.
  5. astrotard got a BHSE? I remember for months he'd post about how his KGSSHV is possibly as good as the BHSE (typical 'great in different ways' cop out) and that the BHSE may not be worth the increase in cost. Now that he's getting a BHSE, suddenly he wants to tell people their HV won't come close to the BHSE? How predictable and insecure. That thread is a steaming pile of crap and has been since the mods decided to protect the likes of astrotard, eric65, and Musical Alchemist from being shut up. I don't even know why purk and mulveling bother trying to help people there still. When the cargo is worthless, you may as well let the ship sink.
  6. Thanks peeps TMoney I plan on going to the next largeish meet up there, see you then
  7. They were better than most Lambdas, more neutral at least. Ya I tried the Ether stat prototypes. They didn't really do it for me. The mids were a little off, sharp. One unit also had some kind of distortion issue during loud passages. My biggest beef with them was the lack of soundstage and imaging ability. These had a 3 blob headstage and no layering, very similar to the Audeze sound in that regard. They still need some work but the noobs seemed to like them so I'm not sure how much they'll be changed.
  8. Heard these at CJ over the weekend. They were pretty good I'd say. A bit light on their feet similar to the old Lambdas. Soundstage was pretty disappointing. Overall they sounded pretty neutral to me. For the price they're a joke though. I think the L700 I heard later that day was better. Supposedly the amp chassis for this is getting redesigned as well so that the tubes will be visible from the front.
  9. Pfft, we all know that's just 'fake clarity' coming from the Stax system!!!
  10. Are they not working properly? I've heard from several Quad owners out here that their refurbed units never sounded the same, and that's with the popular restorers.
  11. Quad 57 club checking in Birgir, when did you get yours?
  12. Agreed that HFM is charging too much for the sound and build quality of their products. I liked the HE1000 while I had it but it's probably twice as expensive as it should be selling for. The build quality for a $3k product was a joke...fake wood, fake chrome, fake leather, etc. HFM has serious issues with quality control regarding variability from unit to unit - I've heard huge differences between different pairs of HE1000s. These companies (mainly HFM/Audeze) will keep getting away with this price gouging as long as there are fools around to stuff their pockets for sub par products.
  13. I have a NIB HD800 collecting dust if anybody is interested...
  14. Man time flies...I remember seeing you and him at CanJam in LA and he was so young! Congrats
  15. "Can my buddy n3rdling come?" They're also having a waiting list for hearing these at CES. I emailed them to get on it but no response.
  16. I read some of the patent a few days ago and I don't understand how they can patent something that's been public knowledge for decades. There have been IEM stats and closed stats before...they're basically combining the two and patenting a closed stat IEM? I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to patents, but does stuff like this 'get through' often? How difficult would it be for another company to make their own closed stat IEM and argue that Shure didn't really create anything new?
  17. Doesn't Stax put a sticky rubber dampener between the transformer and chassis to minimize noise? Maybe it came loose.
  18. LeBron is on the verge of the most impressive postseason ever...
  19. In stock form, personally, I don't think so. It has the SR-009 beat in bass extension and it has a larger soundstage. The 009 is considerably more neutral, is more detailed, has presence, can be enjoyed at any volume, has air, is a bit clearer, and has sharper imaging. They're pretty close in terms of bass texture and slam (in different ways though).
  20. c/p Bass: The bass extension on these is amazing, think sealed Abyss or Audeze. Overall bass is too present though, and it can be a bit overbearing on certain tracks, again think Audeze. Bass is very textured similar to electrostat/HD800/Qualia bass, but with more quantity. The bass isn't visceral like the Abyss or HE-6 though. I'll get into some of this again later. Mids: Overall average but I think there's a lot of room for improvement here with mods. Nice for most male vocals, but a lot of female vocals seem to have something missing. In fact, my biggest qualm with this headphone is that there's almost no presence. Not only is this a distant sounding headphone, but it's not involving at all. In fact, I have to put the volume up or things start turning into background music. I'd like to be able to play these at any volume level and feel as involved as I normally am. The lack of presence makes everything outside of the bass sound dead. I should shun them for this alone as I can't think of much worse to say about a HP, but I think it can be fixed. The HE1000 is where cymbals go to die. Treble: I guess presence also falls into this area, but further up I'm fine with the treble. Not really noticing much sibilance on my unit, and treble sounds pretty clean. Not grainy like most dynamics, and not distorted or shelved off like some orthos. However, there's a lack of spacial cues/air present, so live albums can sound more like studio albums with clapping. Impact: Don't expect the impact of the Abyss, HE-6, or Audeze here. These sound like they want to hit hard but then kinda push on the breaks at the last second...it's really weird. Bass impact for instance sounds a bit like the diaphragm is hitting a sponge before full excursion or something. I'm not sure if this is due to the asymmetrical magnet arrangement, but I haven't heard a headphone with this feature. Most stats don't hit hard, but they don't exhibit any slowing down before impact. Detail/speed: These are fast and pretty detailed. I'd put them about on par with the Abyss here. The lack of detail is mainly a result of the FR issues I pointed out: bass overemphasis can put a veil on the music, and spacial information is lacking. They are quite clean sounding as well. Soundstage/imaging: Not crazy about this aspect. Soundstage definitely has the 3 blob effect going with little portrayed in the areas between. Images are large vertically and a bit on the diffuse side. Soundstage on most tracks is a good size, but I haven't found them able to expand the soundstage out beyond the drivers. Then again, few headphones can do that well. Overall a good headphone but I haven't made up my mind yet on whether to keep them or not. I like the clarity and convenience of these, but the FR needs improvement for them to stay. I think with a redesigned earpad these can actually sound a lot better. In stock form I wouldn't recommend these for the asking price to most people. If you like some extra bass in your music and pump these loud enough to not be effected by the lack of presence much then you should check them out, though. I had high hopes for this headphone and thought for sure I'd like them a lot. I think they have that potential, but as of now these are probably right outside my top 10 headphones.
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