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    Could've sworn there was a sous vide thread but I can't find it. Anova is having a Father's Day sale right now. $50 off the Anova Precision: http://anovaculinary.com/ Use coupon code LUVDAD at checkout I've been using the beer cooler hack the last year or two and have been really happy with it. Been waiting to catch an Anova sale for a while now. Got it for $129 shipped, not bad
  2. Lots of stuff here http://www.shars.com/products/toolholding-workholding/vise?limit=30&p=2&price=-100
  3. Happy bday purkinator! Now measure that R10 foam
  4. Andy I remember you disliking the Yggy at CJ. Did you hear it again since? Interested in your impressions since, as you said, most of the people ordering it don't seem to have much experience with high end DACs.
  5. Thanks peeps! It feels so weird telling people I'm 30. I feel waaay older now haha
  6. I think I'm done with Chinese T2 GBs.
  7. Kind of like a warmer, slightly thicker version of the T2. A little less control and slam in the bass, a little more body in the mids. Really good stuff.
  8. None of the younger ones knew what the R10 was either. I'd honestly say less than 50% of the people that sat at my table even knew what the R10 was. The last time I brought it to a meet was in NorCal maybe 2.5 years back and almost everybody knew what it was. It seemed like a lot of the people there this weekend were speaker guys looking to get into headphones. It was pretty disappointing to see such a small number of member rigs, but that's the way the hobby is going and I totally get why they organized it that way. FWIW the quality of gear at the member rigs was pretty high. What was really cool is that I think everybody there did a little DIY to their system in some way (changing cables or putting stones on amps doesn't count): Frank had his ridiculous stat amp, another DIYer had a KSA5 Klone, B22, and First Watt F4, and there were modifications done to the HD800, Abyss, LCD2, Sony Z7, R10, Stax etc in order to change the sound more towards one's tastes. That's the kind of stuff I like to see these days since it keeps things fresher. Wish you two could have gone. ironbut your reel to reel is always a treat, and Enrique I needed somebody to talk Stax with
  9. That's funny, just yesterday morning I was thinking in the shower how the 57s have a certain 'it' factor in tonality that I've never really heard in a headphone before. R10 and Orpheus probably closest in that regard.
  10. It's a dynamic HP amp. I think I saw a pic of it on Tyll's site, but I don't remember what show that was.
  11. ...but it has an Italian name in cursive on the front panel. That automatically means it's luxurious.
  12. It's pretty obvious, especially once you're used to the grain free sound of most stats. Lots of comparisons between the two are done within 60 seconds, in the middle of a loud trade show, while sipping scotch...not the most reliable impressions (but definitely fun ).
  13. n3rdling


    Al Jefferson bed is what it's all about
  14. They probably have really bad backwave cancellation. The pads look way nicer than the ESP-950 pads...anybody know the part number for those pads?
  15. I bet most people have no idea how good the ESP-950s really are since they come bundled starving for current. They sound so much better from a legit amp. Don't order from apuresound, they scam but still seemingly take orders. Darin is cool.
  16. I don't exactly remember, but I think it becomes obvious once you pull one of the ends of the old pad towards the middle. I think there are some small screws underneath that you have to remove and then you can pull the whole spring steel part out.
  17. Wow terrible news...well wishes, Larry and fam.
  18. Re: using tape, I'd recommend a weak tape like scotch. Strong enough to pick up debris and too weak to do any damage.
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