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  1. A Les Paul Gibson or Leo Fender Stratocaster? Book review is intriguing and I'll be adding "The Birth of Loud" to my reading list. How can any book that devotes an entire chapter to Jimi Hendrix's "Star Spangled Banner" not be good https://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2019/01/how-electric-guitar-was-born/580969/?utm_content=edit-promo&utm_campaign=the-atlantic&utm_source=facebook&utm_term=2019-01-23T15%3A49%3A54&utm_medium=social&fbclid=IwAR1yRv227ZOCG2E0QNyGcFsWmjcLIAbv-eGkq6zaLfCd5hLKbqO6QlLDXL8&fbclid=IwAR3lV2czwFZHomp5jZX4zu6G6lbCL7al2S268e-BqwgdzT-HCq_SdaXei38
  2. Just found out a friend of mine died 1/1/19. George Vuillemot was a good ole boy. Lived life his way and lived it to the fullest. 82 years young when he died. He was a bat boy for the Chicago Cubs and had several autographs. No doubt valuable but to him they were priceless memories. Raced cars on dirt tracks into his 70s. I met George when I needed a dog trainer. We developed a good and long lasting friendship. He trained the famous line of Smith English Setters for many years. Tough as nails and could out work me in his 60s even though there is a 16 year difference in our ages. Heart of gold. I'll have to look for the setter painting he gave me tonight as I have it stored away as a memory of him. I will toast George properly when I get home tonight. RIP in my friend. May all the dogs you run be Field Champions and may you win every race.
  3. Awful news Wayne. So sorry Antonio.
  4. Cheers to Mrs K. May her hate consume and shrivel her. Galaxy Quest Coleslaw Brisket Sweetcorn Cornbread Debris fries
  5. Sorry Craig. Condolences to Carole. Seems like Sue is now finally at peace.
  6. Funny. My mother just asked how I'll get back from Drummond Island in October if it snows. She was not amused when I said drive.
  7. RIP John McClain. An honorable politician. Often disagreed with him but he always had my respect.
  8. Good bye to the Queen of Soul. May she RIP.
  9. Jeff, Been away from HC for a while. Catching up. Bike looks great with the bars installed. Klim is heavy duty vs Olympia, Firstgear or Rev It and will always be warmer. In hot weather I wear an older Firstgear Rush which is actually cooler than riding without a jacket ..... unless you're stuck in traffic. Incredible ventilation. Bought the bohnarmor for under jeans but haven't worn it yet. Always looking for something with great protection but cooler to ride in. I don't do group rides or go to MOA or other meetups. Occasionally ride with friends but that's as close as I get to traveling in a group. Enjoy!
  10. Aimless1

    KEF Egg

    Did you read the Amazon reviews? Apparently anyone can access your speakers by bluetooth. One person said they were well built and sounded good but he woke up to music blaring one night after his neighbor figured out he could access the speakers. Funny unless you are the one who is pranked.
  11. Wow, that's downright frigid.
  12. Might consider pannier protectors ... that plastic is expensive. On the K1600 forum they love Klim and BMW gear. I find the 400-600 stuff works just fine for me. If you're taking the GS off road you'll want adventure or track boots if you don't have them. Have fun!
  13. Noice! Well done Jacob. It can be hard going from a larger community to a smaller one, but Oxford should be a great place to live.
  14. Sorry Steve. Glad you discovered this when you did. No doubt Suzy will be feeling better soon.
  15. The BMW 1200 GS is worth a look too.
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