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  1. I have no knowledge of George Jones, let alone his duets.
  2. @Craig Sawyers Although I blame, er credit, Stretch for pointing out the audiogon ad for the AMG Viella TT a few years ago, the hand me down was the vinyl record, not the deck on which it spun.
  3. Now that I have a working tonearm and a proper setup, the AMG is super solid. The 35lb platter is spinning at 33.3 and 45 RPM very consistently and steadily. The arm tracks precisely and without any wobble even if I walk around on my relatively spongey floor, which was a serious issue with the dead arm. I'm still getting to know the sound of the new cartridge and it is hard to compare anything given that I've barely been able to play this TT previously. The only cartridge I got to work briefly was a much cheaper Soundsmith moving magnet. I am going to try side by side listening to some vi
  4. Spinning a Stretch hand-me-down. Thanks tall pal.
  5. You really joined 10 years ago and this is your first post? Opamp reviews on some random dac? What the fuck is that?
  6. I just found out a good friend's dad died of covid tonight. Sad and angry. RIP Dr. Gerald Katzin.
  7. This reminds me of the police blotter entry from the local paper in Michigan that I read this morning. There are always some gems in the blotter but I did love this one.
  8. Depends on the person doing it. Some don't like to just replace the stylus because it is easier to put on a new cantilever with stylus.
  9. I have a Van den Hul modified Koetsu that I stupidly did not bring with the table because I thought one backup was enough. It's not my favorite cartridge and he is in Pleasanton, so two round trips was enough for me. I will probably put the Koetsu back on the VPI eventually.
  10. I think I will look into the Airtight but not the Lyra Skala at the moment. I was planning on asking you about your experience retipping recently. Most companies now just take the old cart as trade in for a new one.
  11. Analog can be very frustrating. This week I finally took my second-hand AMG Viella TT to a dealer who also does setup work. It had never performed perfectly and typically the tonearm won't track and just slides across the entire record. The only way I could get it to play when I bought it three years ago was with a cheap moving magnet cartridge and that wasn't consistent. I gave up on it for a long time but tried to get it going again months ago only to be thwarted even worse. The distributor works with this guy who sets up a lot of tables so they recommended that I have him address the known
  12. RIP Harold. @skullguise Todd, I think your finger slipped because I don't think you meant to laugh at Dusty's post.
  13. They automatically clamp down on various thicknesses without adjustment or tightening. You can set the tension +/- for thicker or thinner material before clamping but the range is wide. They work in t-tracks but also come with mounts that fit in bench dog holes. They also make them as hand clamps, which are great for one handed clamping.
  14. I like the Kreg Automaxx bench clamps.
  15. The stage production was two nights. Quite intense at the time. Watched the film version too. Hard to wrap my head around seeing it again.
  16. Happy birthday Todd! Hope it's been a great one! Cheers!
  17. RIP Squiggy. https://www.google.com/amp/s/variety.com/2020/tv/news/david-lander-dead-dies-squiggy-laverne-shirley-1234847158/amp/
  18. You need to recommend which Festool router Jeff should buy.
  19. That's great Jeff! Nice work cleaning up those angle cuts.
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