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  1. I inherited a Yamaha receiver with that exact tuner from my brother and used it at my college dorm and beyond.I may have had that tape deck, but I destroyed a lot of brain cells in that era (not so different now, I know).
  2. I heard the RV said something about there being no biscuits so everyone should evacuate 15 minutes before the explosion.
  3. If you were lucky enough to know a guy back in the day, whose birthday happens to be today, then you might have the 2046 movie and the soundtrack.. But these are the discs I have been spinning:
  4. With that comma in there, it seems you are pointing out to Ric that you are wishing Jesus a happy birthday. Anyway, happy birthday Ric! Hope you get to watch all the movies your heart desires today. Cheers!
  5. I wish I had seen them. It's a shame that Mountain's manager refused to allow them to be in the movie or on the soundtrack because I think they would have been bigger and longer lasting if they had.
  6. RIP Leslie West. Tough life but 75 is too young to die.
  7. When you are awake at 4:30am and start listening to an audio book in bed at 5:30am and that book includes a description of an aged cheese and terragon omelet at a Paris bistro, you get up at 6:30am, pick fresh terragon in the dark and make an omelet. At least that is what I did this morning but forgot to post it.
  8. Damn cute Mr Mom, I mean Mr DIYer! 😜
  9. Jim was talking about cutting the miters on all of the trim and base pieces.
  10. Would have been if Inner Fidelity were still active. And if Stereophile cared.
  11. I like using oils like boiled linseed oil or Tried & True products (Original Wood Finish or Varnish Oil, although their Danish Oil might be good for the dog toy box) because they are easy, non toxic can be refinished or freshened without stripping the old one. For your dog toy box, you might want a polyurethane -- either water based poly or a tougher finish like Arm R Seal, which is an oil and poly mix.
  12. I have no knowledge of George Jones, let alone his duets.
  13. @Craig Sawyers Although I blame, er credit, Stretch for pointing out the audiogon ad for the AMG Viella TT a few years ago, the hand me down was the vinyl record, not the deck on which it spun.
  14. Now that I have a working tonearm and a proper setup, the AMG is super solid. The 35lb platter is spinning at 33.3 and 45 RPM very consistently and steadily. The arm tracks precisely and without any wobble even if I walk around on my relatively spongey floor, which was a serious issue with the dead arm. I'm still getting to know the sound of the new cartridge and it is hard to compare anything given that I've barely been able to play this TT previously. The only cartridge I got to work briefly was a much cheaper Soundsmith moving magnet. I am going to try side by side listening to some vi
  15. Spinning a Stretch hand-me-down. Thanks tall pal.
  16. You really joined 10 years ago and this is your first post? Opamp reviews on some random dac? What the fuck is that?
  17. I just found out a good friend's dad died of covid tonight. Sad and angry. RIP Dr. Gerald Katzin.
  18. This reminds me of the police blotter entry from the local paper in Michigan that I read this morning. There are always some gems in the blotter but I did love this one.
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