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  1. Nice. They're remarkably large when you see them up close.
  2. In this guy's case, he clearly has cat scratch fever.
  3. RIP Bobby Brown, Jr. Bobby Sr. has quite the legacy of drug related and early deaths: Whitney Houston dead at 48 Daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown dead at 22 Former ward and nearly son in law Nick Gordon dead at 30. Bobby Jr. dead at 28. No cause given yet but allegedly "no signs of foul play." I hope his remaining five children fare better.
  4. Have a great one JP! Still waiting for your next move to Cali so we can celebrate in person. 😎 Cheers!
  5. Mapo tofu spaghetti. Same recipe as the nachos. Damn good.
  6. I made dough earlier today pizzas tonight. 1. Home grown sweet and hot peppers, sweet onions, andouille and mozzarella 2. Pancetta, trumpet mushrooms, olives and cheddar 3. Alden's pesto mozzarella 4. Pancetta, fig and goat cheese with a little olive oil on the dough.
  7. I love this notice for some reason!
  8. Hope you're having a great one, Chris! Cheers!
  9. Have a great one Mikey! Cheers!
  10. Are those freshly plucked eyelids in his paws?
  11. I made myself a Rosamunde-style mergez sausage. So sad they pulled out of the little shop next door to Toronado. The newer Rosamunde brew pub and restaurant is good but doesn't have the same feel.
  12. ^And that's the Daily Double! RIP Trebek (Fake Sean Connery accent).
  13. RIP Fascism in the White House. RIP Pedro, Luis, and E.S.
  14. Voltron

    Kaldas Research

    I think Head-Casers want to hear news about your e-stats even if it is marketing. I had the same question as to what was going on with your cans out of curiosity.
  15. I tired of season one But I guess I need to watch season two.
  16. Elvis' new album with Steve Nieve, Bill Frisell, Nels Cline, and other musicians supporting. Good stuff.
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