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The official Head Case broadcast thread

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This coming Friday is the birthday of this handsome fella: I totally haven't spent the evening going through YouTube videos of him giving lectures to find quips to sample for my show.

Okay, executive decision time.  I'm doing my show tomorrow night, same time (10PM Eastern.)  I need to spend tonight both ironing out technical issues and preparing a show.  I'd rather go on relaxed a

In a tent, in the rain, on the Appalachian Trail....ChIllin to the Test Tone.... at least until my battery croaks

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Hey, I'm trying to figure out the track from 5/15, starts about 1:14 from the showreel.  You called it "Shen's Descendant" "Nervous_Testpilot_Menu" from the "Frozen Synapse soundtrack", but when I went searching, I found this.


I guess I could just listen to them both, back-to-back.

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Your link is in fact "Menu" by nervous_testpilot from the Frozen Synapse soundtrack.  It's a 10+ minute ambient piece.

"Descendant" by Shen is a 5 minute downtempo piece with a strong breakbeat and fairly meaty bassliine:



The two tracks do appear back to back in that broadcast, with Descent coming first.  It's definitely "Menu" that comes in around 1h14m.

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Well, strictly speaking you did.


Potlatch's "Vacuum Conversation" appears after Dead Can Dance and before Shen.



I may or may not have listed it when I read off the setlist.  At the end of the night I'm usually tired, and I'm always dyslexic, so it's quite probable I overlooked it.

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