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Official Hockey Thread - 2013 Edition


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  • 3 weeks later...

Good comeback win by the Caps tonight, they could have given up after a horrible first.  Hell of an OT goal....


Give them a lot of credit, and the Bruins just choked this away in the second and part of the third.  Gave me scary flashbacks to the Dave Lewis-era Bruins, where NO 3 goal lead was ever safe!

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Just got back from an incredible game, perhaps the best the Bruins have played all season.  I had to suffer through some jabs about my Caps jersey, though I did explain I had to wear it because I lost a bet; people were sympathetic after that. Didn't wear it the whole game, had my Charlestown Chiefs jersey on after.  Oddly enough, the first people to sit near us were Caps fans, so we had a 1/2 decent chat.  Nice folks.


Meanwhile the game was awesome (for me): Nathan Horton finally got going with 3 points on the day and a Gordie Howe Hattrick, there were 3 fights and Bruins probably got the better in all of them (maybe tied one), and of course they beat the Caps 4-1.  Caps only goal was a Bruins meltdown play, where the B's player trying to clear a puck bounced it off another player and it went in...


Dan, they did a small video montage of Adam Oates when he was with the Bruins, and he got a standing ovation from the crowd there.  I was real happy to see that, loved him as a player....  He acknowledged the crowd after the montage.  Not sure if any of that showed on TV or not.


Pics (sorry for crappiness of quality, my son was taking them with my iPhone):







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love it, thanks.


I don't give the fights to the Bs, btw. (and Hendrix was the jersey I got for myself when I got you the wardo)


OK, watched the game on DVR'd TV, I'll give the Horton fight to Hendricks,  Thought Horton hit him and took him down, but it was more off-balance falling.  Hendricks got a good quick couple hits on Horton before he could really hit back.  Looked like Horton would have gone postal, though, if the refs let them back up and fight.


Good choice of shirts though.  According to a fan on another forum who sits behind the bench, the Bruins players were pissed at him, he was apparently doing some cheaper crap away from the play.  But the Boston announcers seemed to praise him quite a bit, for bringing heart and energy, and not standing down even when cornered by two of the tougher Bruins.  He seems like a guy you hate on any team but your own.

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And the Bruins choked away ANOTHER win.....they are looking so piss poor now, thank goodness Montreal went on a slump, they can't seem to fail out of second place in the East....if neither team wins another game this year, Montreal will slip into second by virtue of the tie-breaker games.


Something tells me this isn't going to be a deep run into the playoffs for the Bruins.  But still glad to see teams like the Islanders and Toronto get in......

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^^ It's not that bad, really  :laugh:


Washington and NYR will be a great series to watch, both teams came on strong at the end and are coming in to the playoffs hot.


Boston....well, not so much.....as someone on another forum posted, Boston is falling on their asses into the playoffs.


Interesting potential for change in standings with this last game for Boston (make-up game):



B's win in regulation: Bruins face the Islanders
B's win in OT/SO: Bruins face the Sens
B's lose: Bruins face the Leafs


Now, Bruins could use a rest for some of their players (esp. Chara, he looks tired).  And Ottawa I'm sure would really like a win of some kind to eclipse the Islanders and not face Pittsburgh round 1.  And, of all the teams the Bruins would want to face, I think Toronto would be the most favored match-up.  So there's a lot of motivation NOT to win....


Just looking forward to the playoffs now.  The way the Bruins are playing, I expect a round 1 or round 2 exit, but we'll see if they can turn it up.  But the others teams will be fun to watch, too.

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Sorry Tom....I don't even think the B's will beat the Leafs the way they're playing now......


Too bad the Isles have to play Pitt round 1, but still great to see them in the playoffs to begin with.  I think in maybe two years they can be a potential powerhouse again, if they get good goaltending.


And my cheer:  GO B'S.....don't fucking embarrass this town!

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