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Official Hockey Thread - 2013 Edition


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I'm gonna eat my crow early and go to bed.  Congrats bruins!

Sorry about the Caps not showing up.  Yes, i have a wee bit of sympathy, 'cause we all love our home teams.  Just too bad yours folded in the playoffs.   >:(


For me, it's my old school dream come true - Bruins, Wings, Rangers, Hawks ... 4 of the original 6 NHL teams (bonus points for the other two from the youngsters).


Of course I want the Bs to crush the Rangers, and don't care who wins the West - either is better than us, but that doesn't mean we can't steal the cup.  


Good times ahead ...

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Wow wow wow......still on a major high.....that was the most intense comeback I've EVER seen.  Glad I DVR'd it because I missed goals 2 & 3....had to go back and re-watch.


I promise I'll watch all the games, ALL game from now on.


Thanks for keeping the faith Gene!


Dan, sorry we couldn't re-hash our bet.....oddly, I thought it would have been more realistic to have the Caps in and Bruins out......

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Wow what a comeback from the Bruins 2 goals in 34 seconds to tie the game ,I thought they where done when when the score was 4-1.

Gotta feel bad for the leafs,let that  game slip away after a great comeback to tie the series.

In Hockey its never over till its over!


Lundqvist stole the series from the Caps in the last 2 games,He is unbelievable when he is on.

Such a close series until the last game,

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^^^ I think not.   >:D


I'm with Dan, though - Senns fan while they play the Pens.


Really looking forward to the Bs-Rs series starting thurs.  I just hope Lundqvist cools down a bit, and the Bruins defense gets healthy.


Wings v Hawks start tonight - another classic matchup that will be fun to watch.

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Partially owed to the fact the Bruins won, but I didn't think the game was so boring (was expecting a defensive snooze-fest).  Yes, some tight defensive play, but getting almost 50 shots on goal is quite tough aginst a solid Rangers team.


The Bruins had 3 defensemen injured, and almost a 4th multiple times during the game.  Their rookies played REAL well for a first time in a second round playoff game!


Rangers still scare me, though, if players like Nash find their touch again; and I fully expect Lundqvist to be better.  There's some incredible talent there.  I'm sure NY'ers probably feel frustrated with the Torts system at times, we certainly do at times with Julien's.


But hell, whoever keeps winning keeps the job longer.

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So liking today's game, and glad the Wings showed up to play while still in Chicago.  I do think the Hawks thought this round in the bag.  This is a nice reminder that the Wings are still the Wings.  I think this will now be a great series, whoever wins.

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This Rangers/Bruins game is great fun to watch.  I'd like the Bruins to win because I like the Bruins, but if the Rangers end up pulling it together this series, I'm okay with that, as they're so much fun to hate (kinda like the Penguins), it makes all games fun, especially when they play well and lose.

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