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Official Hockey Thread - 2013 Edition


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I think you are right, Dinny.  He says a lot of wrong things at wrong times.  


He DOES a lot of wrong things MANY times.  Love his competitiveness, but he hasn't been able to get the ebst out of the talented NYR players.  Oddly, many folks were complaining about Claude Julien being similar: too defensive-first, will stick too long to a potentially-faulty system, etc.  But it worked, I think the team rallies behind him more....

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The Wings have always been a great clutch and scrappy team, which is one reason why I'm such a fan, but I think we'll see tonight if it's just scrappiness or if they've gotten their act together as a team. The Hawks are just too good to let this series slip away, and I anticipate them coming out as the machine they've been all season. I'll be shocked if they don't. Hoping Detroit can keep raising their level of play. We'll see. I'm really looking forward to this one.

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Yeah, Vicki, the Hawks could break out at any time, sort of like the Penguins did last night in the 3rd vs the Senators.  Somehow I don't think the Wings will let them though.  As you say, they (Wings) have a history and tradition of playing tough.


Likewise, the Rangers are a much better team than has showed up against the Bruins so far, and tonight at home may be their night.


As to the Sharks, I hope they stay fired up and pull off a series upset of L.A.


Isn't playoff hockey fun?

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^^ Don't have any fingernails left......hats off to Rangers, they are playing much better the last couple games.


Weird to think that powerplays are making such a difference in this game....3rd period may have nothing called unless there's a decapitation!

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