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2015 Playoff Hockey


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Congrats to the Caps, and awesome try Isles....but again, for most of the game Washington dominated play and zone time.  


Dan, I think you're right, they likely have some good times ahead


I only wish the Caps were playing Montreal next, would love to see their speed and heavy hitting knock the Habs around and out!


And BTW, good luck to Tampa Bay in game 7!  My nephew will get at least one more home game.

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What a game last night with Detroit & Tampa.  I'm actually disliking Detroit a little more now, they do SO much borderline crap JUST enough to not get called most of the time but still influence play (setting loose picks/obstruction, holding sticks, etc.).  A lot of talent and well-coached for the most part, but in the end I'm glad Tampa won.  Will be interesting to see if Babcock leaves....he'll be in high demand if so.


On to round two!


No specific hopes for me for winners, other than #anyonebutthehabs

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Go Tampa!  And a big fuck you to Therrien, Montreal coach.  He whines in his post-game about losing the game due to a missed off-sides call.  Sorry, they lost the game because they couldn't get the puck out of the defensive zone, the D got stripped on a forecheck, the other players didn't cover the shooter well, and Jesus Price didn't save the shot.


Where was Therrien's whining when a goal was called off for Ottawa?  That would have tied game 6.....possibly changed the game, maybe even the series.


Heck, there's a hockey forum where many fans are total fuckwads, and even THEY were taking it better than the coach was.....

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That was a hell of a game.


It was indeed.....Montreal FINALLY getting calls for the crap they do.  It used to infuriate me that they always had the Bruins number for getting us off our game with little crap moves after the whistle, not enough to get called but Bruins did for retaliation.  Every team does some of it, but this time it was Tampa knocking them off their game and senses (and with mostly good playing).  PK Subban is among the worst, such talent but still so immature.....

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I'd love to see that Bryan, love what the Flames have done.  Just can't see them overpowering the Ducks at this point.  Still, wouldn't mind being pleasantly surprised!


Sadly, I'm sure Brian Burke will screw them up over time like he's done elsewhere.

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