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2015 Playoff Hockey


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Well we squeaked another one out. Tonight felt much more a test of wills. TB triplet line less effective but hawks D looking rundown. Still waiting for hawks urgency to show up. Crawford must avoid his bipolar tendencies on Saturday night. We need him to show up more than ever... hoping his stand the final 2:00 tonight keeps him amped up.

And Kaner bringing some showtime would be nice too.

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Great game last night. Periods 1 and 3 were fantastic and we had a level of puck control I've been waiting to see all series. It's pretty obvious that the top two lines are neutralizing each other and the hawks advantage is on the 4th. Versteeg and Vermette were huge. And Crawford... Looks like he's aiming for complete redemption for mucking up game 3.

Tomorrow night's the first chance to see the cup raised on home ice in 77 years. Let's go, fellas!

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Claire and Mikey and I had a good time watching that one. Luckily the game did not go into overtime because we didn't get to watch the recording until after it was all over and there were only a few minutes post-game before it cut off. We avoided HC mostly and Gene Lightning has been quiet anyway. :P

Go Hawks!

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I can't believe we did it. Limped into the playoffs...

Everyone was so on. Keith as always, breaking through the struggle. Kaner bringing showtime when we needed it most. And Crawford did as much as a goalie can do.

Really happy for Richards and Timmonen.

Thanks for a fight TB. Will see you bitches again.

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