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2015 Playoff Hockey


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Wow, that's a pretty wild guess for the finals.....I have actually been impressed with the Caps this season, Trotz has them playing well; this is Ovechkin's best year for +/-, yes?  Anyway, I think it'll be a tough series with the Isles, but I think Holtby will play better than Halak and the Caps will pull it off.


I can't see Detroit getting to the Conference Final for the East, though.  And sorry, but I think Rangers take the Caps if they face them.


Sucks that the Bruins are out this year, but they deserve the poor results they got.  Need some medium size tweaks methinks, with a lot depending on how injured players come back next year.  I think it'll allow me to enjoy the playoffs more as a result, too.

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Chicago....wow.  I didn't watch the game with Nashville, but saw some highlights.  I kind of like Nashville as the "new kid on the block" and all, but damn is Chicago good, they just keep fighting.


They may be in cap trouble next year with Kane and Toews making such huge $, but they really know how to build a team.....

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Yup....from Holland on down, they've reinvented themselves into a great organization!  They used to be a lot like the Bruins, bad ownership and management that didn't seem to care about the sport.  Both teams changed that, but the Hawks still do it among the best in the league.  Bruins....not as good.....


EDIT: woops, meant Bowman on down.  Holland is Detroit, and their model is also one of the best IMO......

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No suspension for Suban = FAIL.

 If I'm the coach I have Mark Stone's name in big red letters on the whiteboard in the dressing room but slashing him above his gloves was weak.

Typical Suban.


The Predators need to stay out of the box.




I hate to say it but Bolts in 5. :(

Maybe less if Bishop stands on his head (which I semi expect him to do).




Will be fun watching the Pens get.....



Apperantly I need to learn to speel better

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Agreed, and Pittsburgh looked pretty good in the 2nd and 3rd; we'll see if Fleury skips his post-season meltdown.  They may make this a series, but still hope the Rangers win out.


Rooting for the Jets, too, Iain.  Just like them as a team, like the fans I've seen online, and happy they are in the playoffs.

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