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Hearing Protection Recommendations needed


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I'm taking Zoe and her friend to the Panic! At The Disco/Weezer concert (while I am attending the Weezer/PATD concert).

I want to get some earplugs for everyone. I can handle the Ety ones, but not sure if they could. Are there any good "musician" or "concert" ear plugs you guys recommend? Are the ER-20s still worth getting, or would I want something better? (Zoe and her friend won't use them much, but I could use them at band rehearsal/other concerts, so I could go with something a little more long term.)

Oh, and referably something I can get locally or through Amazon, so I can have them here before Thursday's show. Thanks.


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Searched for this topic, and hate to drag an old thread, but I'm finding that as I age, it's becoming more and more important to protect my hearing. Too many places are just ridiculously loud these days.

Anyway, on the Ety site, I found this new gizmo to be quite interesting:


My guess is that their second generation attempt at this particular product/technology will be the time to jump in, whenever that might be. But there is a lot of good feedback so I'm tempted... and I've spent $299 more foolishly.

Could just order several of the ER-20 XS. Last time (several years ago now), I ordered 5 sets of the ER-20, and think I gave most of them away. Where the last pair or two are is anyone's guess...


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I'm not sure why they don't do that -- instead of trying to mimic ANC headphones by electronically trying to fight the noise, just completely encapsulate the IEM so that it naturally acts as hearing protection, then add mics to filter in the outside noise, compressed or limited, of course, to reduce the amplitude of loud sounds.

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