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GRLV split and combined, and any other boards Group Buy

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Here's the smt input board and buffer  

Here's the kgbhultraminipsv4 and the cfaelectrostat2 boards   Here's the switch board

Almost done... Violet is trying to hatch the boards Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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On 1/27/2017 at 6:25 PM, kevin gilmore said:

remember that there is both a dynamic and electrostatic current feedback amp.

using the bh power supply on the dynamic amp is going to result in much magic smoke.

I'll be adding the electrostatic one and the bh psu

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I should have the pricing up for the source switch and the split GRLV today or tomorrow.  I'll close out the group buy on Monday morning March 6th then send for the final quotes based on the numbers at that time.

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I updated the cost of the switch board, that one we're close enough to make the cost reasonable.  The GRLV split sets we're only at 5 total.  Doesn't look like there's enough interest for that one to add it to the order unless the number goes up

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53 minutes ago, MrSlim said:

Ok, I need more projects like I need another hole in my head but what the hell..  

sbelyo, being a noob here, should I be sending you a payment now? (total at end is partial from what I can see)

We'll wrap up the group buy early next week.  I'll get a final quote on the boards and update the prices.  You can pay after it closes, no need for it now since the prices will lower a bit

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