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GRLV split and combined, and any other boards Group Buy


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Hello All...

Since there were a bunch of requests for more GRLV boards I'll do another round.  I've also added the boards listed below that are in demand.

  Also, as a side note if you're looking for boards from my last GB I have one set of Dynahi boards, four or five Dynalo Mini, and a few volume pot boards left.  Send me a message if you need any of those.

Sign up Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Z1L3MQuuY4ZTUyPQb1qBmVJp8MtC7qEzBUui3z5dFrQ/edit?usp=sharing

Balanced\Unbalanced board (both smt and through hole)

Through Hole  http://gilmore.chem.northwestern.edu/boards/diffinput3.zip

SMT  http://gilmore.chem.northwestern.edu/boards/diffinput3smtd.zip

Diamond Buffer (both smt and through hole)

Through Hole  http://gilmore.chem.northwestern.edu/boards/dbuf1.zip

SMT  http://gilmore.chem.northwestern.edu/boards/dbuf2.zip

Balanced Source Switch (Microprocessor controlled)  http://gilmore.chem.northwestern.edu/boards/baseboardbal3.zip

Dynalo Mini (with TKD pot)

Dynalo  http://gilmore.chem.northwestern.edu/boards/kgdynalobal9.zip

Current Feedback Amp (Electrostatic) Version 2  http://gilmore.chem.northwestern.edu/boards/cfaelectrostat2.zip

BH Ultramini Version 4  http://gilmore.chem.northwestern.edu/boards/kgbhultraminipsv4.zip

Golden Reference Low Voltage Version 6 combined http://gilmore.chem.northwestern.edu/boards/goldenreference6.zip    


If you need 4 gang volume pots for these amp boards see cspirou's TKD group buy here:





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Okie Dokie...  

The sheet is open


So far we have the GRLV combined and split, the Unbalanced\Balanced board (through hole), the diamond buffer (through hole), the dynalo, and dynalo mini with TKD pot.  Of course I will confirm the boards are ok and in final versions.  I would love to build the CFA so I will check to see if it's possible to add that board as well.

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16 hours ago, kevin gilmore said:

posted final smt version of the ubal to bal board.

the smt boards should be cheap because they are tiny, ubal board is 2.42 x 2.12 and the diamond buffer is 1.46 x .8

I would like 4 of the ubal boards, and 8 of the diamond buffer boards please

You got it...

For the Current Feedback amp, is that board still being tweaked?

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it was for me, keeping size down and the cost to try it.

many choices here, how big do you want it to be?

how much are you willing to spend?

If you really like it then try the better supply's, fancy Cap's,

Or Giant heart stopping defibrillator Caps, on and on...


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