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Woodworkers of Head Case unite!


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2 hours ago, VPI said:

According to YouTube, everyone with a wood shop should be making these now so, why not. 

I call this one “Brent, after they used the jaws of life to get that go-cart helmet off”




This design would lend itself to a Frankenstein's monster's head really well.

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So, is there a HC approved Scroll Saw? I saw some interesting projects using a scroll saw and found mint Hegners and Excaliburs all around the place here. Both seem decent but the Hegners are twice the price due to rigidity or name brand. Not sure which. 

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36 minutes ago, VPI said:

Finally got around to ordering a bunch of this yellow stuff to make me more lazierer. 


Look at the power supplies for the dust gates, are they AC-DC or AC-AC? They supplied all mine with DC supplies and they last a week or less and get killed by static in the system. The gate actually has a DC converter internally so it can be used with a AC transformer only. 

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I think I might have been losing some suction with these “closed” blast gates. 

Got the major parts of the iVac Pro installed though I still have to tackle bypassing the magnetic switch on the dust collector so the system will actually turn it on when the tools come on. 

Naaman, they do actually provide AC power supplies with the blast gates now. 



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I'm building a custom railing at one of my current projects. The posts and top caps will be White Oak, clear coated to match the floors. The pickets will be 1 1/2" round fir, and will be painted White. There will be no bottom rail, as the pickets will set directly into the floor. Hence the pattern piece that I made to use as a drilling guide. I'll use the same pattern to drill the bottom of the top cap. The pickets will be captured and glued. No screws or nails needed. The posts are set with fancy new newel post bolts. I will fill these holes with Whote Oak plugs, after I've got everything set into place. Just in case I need to adjust anything. 




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Nice work Steve. Just looking at it I can see all the things I would have screwed up due to half-assedness. 

I broke down all the Sapele and Oak for the chairs in preparation for jointing once I get the jointer dialed in. 




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