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Mitsubishi LT-30 with Wenge trim


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I just finished making the Wenge trim piece to overlay the damaged plinth on the Mitsubishi LT-30 that I bought a few months back.

I'm happy with the way it turned out. There is a very slight lip that I milled that covers the top edge of the plinth where there were a few chips. Most of the damage had been at the corner of the plinth where something had struck it and crumpled the MDF. Here's a couple before and some afters...







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Thanks for all the nice comments!

I really love the rich look of Wenge, and the masculine color.

i like the wood. it looks freaking tight!

the lt-30 reminds me a bit of the yamaha px-3.

It is kind of similar, but it

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Yeah that sounds like a good idea.

So is your arm pod going to be separate from your plinth?

heh, there is no DIY table......... must not deviate........

There needs to be some sort of coupling between the arm and table, but the Nottingham approach of minimal coupling seems to be my cup of tea.

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WOWSERS!!! That looks really sweet. I think I will do that with my old Dual CS721. Let's see; Wood? Check. Tools? Check. Skill? I'll get back to you on that one :-\

It's a great project to build some skill with. Just remember to check the accuracy of your 45 degree blade angle with a speed square. Take the time to lock it in at exactly 45 degrees, and the rest will fall into place.

I like to use a perfectly square block of wood to clamp my corners to when gluing up the miters. Just use some wax paper to keep the work from sticking to the block.

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