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Hilarious review of Cambridge Audio Azur 840C

Jon L

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"The purists are right; the best sound is when the CD player does nothing to the signal except push it to the DAC, and the Azur sounds like it does absolutely nothing to the signal."

Who the hell are these purists? Morons?

Someone should sell a DACless CD player, "signal so pure, it doesn't even convert it to analog."
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:doghuh: Well it is even more hilarious as you cannot turn off or even change the amount of upsampling on either the balanced or unbalanced analog outputs. You can only use pass-through on the digital outputs. This is from the introduction of the 840c manual, "A digital output is also fitted which can even output upsampled data at various rates and word widths, independent from the main audio output, which is always set at 24/384 for best sound quality." I'm not really sure what the reviewer was smoking, I'm not even sure he had an 840c in his system.
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I thought it quite amusing the reviewer found 840C to sound hugely better with the Anagram dsp completely bypassed both in transport and CDP mode.

So the Anagram DSP is adding interpolated sampling points to the Redbook data? I can see how this might smooth out the output, but is this viable to "distort" (in a good way perhaps) the actual recording?

The reviewer did seem pretty clueless I would agree (DAC-less CDP... hehe)

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