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Lebron gets dunked on and acts like an asshat

screaming oranges

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I never figured out whether it was Lebron or Nike.

It was initiated by Lebron - he directly asked the Nike reps to confiscate the tape. He is really just a young kid asshat like on headfi:palm: He showed his true colors by not bothering to congratulate any of the magic players. Great role model there for young kids buddy.

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But you guys would love it if he somehow came to your home team though, right? :)

Yeah, this was definitely lame on his part.

With that said, that dude is probably the most electrifying athlete I've ever seen in my life. Just an unbelievable combination of size, strength, speed, and agility.

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I think Ty Cobb's one season with the Celtics cemented him as the biggest asshole in basketball.

No one wears cleats on the court to this day.

True story.

Good one. :D

Hoops news has been like the most exciting part of summer sports for me. Well, until the Lakers got Ron. :palm: Game over, man. Kobe is now on his way to being arguably the greatest Laker ever.

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Lebron trying to suppress this was way worse than just letting it get out there.

This happens to the best of them. The current mayor of Sacramento Kevin Johnson on Hakeem Olajuwon anyone? And that was way more devastating than this dunk. That was a point guard on one of the best shot blockers of all-time in the playoffs.

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