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Looking for a portable headphone recommendation


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Hi folks, I'm new here. I was wondering if anyone had good advice on a portable phone that is resilient in artic temps? I'm in Canada, use an iPod and want something better than the iduds, but the phones have to fit under my toque, so KSC 35's and anything larger are out. I own Ety 4p's but I can't have the isolation while walking.

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Dude you are such a geek. We are only trying it out to iron bugs and stuff. I think the R-10's are the best in teh world for ipod use.

I think the R10's are awesome with the iPod too...and they would work well outside if I covered the wood with wool for the wind and rain...but they cost a bit, trade a child to be for the R10's?

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The problem with using the Ps-1 is that it's not practical for portable use.

Expense, heavy for most users, comfort issues, it leaks sound in and out, cable has to be shortened, due to the weight it easily slips off if someone points there head up or down. the cups would protrude and not be desirable.

Yep, you are right, that is why I like your R10 suggestion. Comfy, cable can be shortened, light weight, can be covered in wool to act as a toque look a like and all it will cost is my next born son :)

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