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So...you hated Dante's Inferno? I don't mind suffering as long as it is ultimately either redemptive or tragic or somehow else dramatic.

Oh shit man, I love a good bit of suffering in my SFF, its just the paralyzing self-pity and the corresponding total self-absorption that I have a problem with. When the author uses a character's reflections on their past excessively, to the point where it is either filler or a plot distraction. I also see this as an insult to the reader. If a character was say captured in a war and made into a slave, where he worked in a mine breathing fumes and getting beat and shit for 7 years, the author doesn't have to remind me every chapter about how pissed off and fucked up in the head said character is because of his long enslavement: I can infer this quite well on my own.

Any fans of the New Weird fanatasy writers? China Mieville, Vandermeer, Jeffrey Ford, etc.

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What the fuck kind of books are you guys reading that require study guides and devoting years of your lives to? I am reading Russka by Edward Rutherford and I have not had to hire a support staff

Seems like a good day to start a biography of Pliny the Elder and  Younger that Claire got for me at Christmas.  

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eddings only has 2 stories. all of major series are just a rehash of what he did before.
Well, the sparhawk books were certainly a carbon copy of the Belgariad/Mallorean books. I have only read the first book in their new series, and that was a while ago... so I'm not sure if they follow that trend. The Redemption of Althalus seemed to be unique to me and I found it an enjoyable read. :)
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Man, I was wondering what happened to this thread!

I finished my first Neal Stephenson book, The Diamond Age, a month or so ago. It is one of the gnarliest sci-fi books I've ever read, great stuff! I'm going to give Snow Crash another shot.

But currently I'm reading the fifth installment in Steven Erikson's Malazan Book Of The Fallen series. Erikson is a god.

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Why would you want to read books about avatars? Can't you just look at them like the rest of us do?

Diamond Age == awesome.



Clive Barker, Abarat: Days of Magic, Nights of War -- the second volume in his "young adult" series. I don't know, it's still pretty scary stuff. Nothing explicit, but the scary stuff is really scary.

readeng is stoopid.
No, you're stooped...erm...stupid. Douche-bag.
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This a selection of anton chekhov's later stories put out by the franklin press in '77. I fell in love with chekhov around 4 years ago and my love continues to grow every time I read his stories. If any of you like raymond carver's short stories then I whole heartedly recommend chekhov. Exeptionally few people have been able to just show people as they really are as clearly and with out imposing his own morality on his characters like chekhov. My pen name here is chekhov's old pen name when he wrote crappy stories to supliment his income as a doctor. I just receieved this book from ebay a couple of days ago.

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Why yes, yes I am. And: no, I don't, but thanks for offering me yours.

daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn! snap!

he's implying mjg has tampons, DAMN! & he was offering them to dusty chalk but dusty chalk turned that shit around like "well wtf are you doing with tampons? are you a female and thus bad?"


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I'm reading this thread right now and so far I'd have to review it as a delightful summer romp.

Chekhonte says "its the feel good thread of the summer!"

great date thread IMO.

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I is reading some threads on head-fi where ignorant fanboys are getting owned.

Someone just compared an amp to mung, that is probably the funniest thing I've read all day. :laugh:

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